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    Electric glasses won't shock you, even though they might be shockingly cool. They're safe, even if the name might humorously imply otherwise. If you wear them in the shower, you won't ride the lightning, and if you wear them in the rain, they won't send off sparks. But what does happen when you wear them is an invisible aura of confidence springs up, if you let it. Electric frames take what you already have, and expand on it until the result is larger than life – it's electric.

    Electric glass

    The Electric Rosette in gloss black is just waiting to take your prescription. It's thin and sleek and would love nothing more than to help you with everything you've ever wanted. It is that special breed of frame whose loveliness is outdone only by its pure design merit. Not one to hide in the shadows, but also not one to scream from the rooftops, the Electric Rosette is all about being huge, in a moderate way. It's about being great, but restrained at the same time. Just be cool.

    The Electric Livewire is a little less restrained. It's pretty out there, as its name implied. The full rim creates a sort of reverse silhouette effect – a black outline housing a solid but transparent interior. It takes up more space than its design needs, but then it has been designed that way on purpose. It's a conundrum to get to terms with, but the type of person to wear these Electric glasses probably couldn't care less. The type of person to wear these Electric frames probably just thinks they look awesome. They would't be wrong.

    Electric Frames

    Lightning is anywhere from 3-5x hotter than the surface of the sun (yes, it's a fact), and generally only exists for a brief instant. It flashes and leaves a lasting impression long after it dissipates. Electric glasses are the ever-lasting lightning bolt, even if they largely exist at room temperature. In a world full of instant gratification, a good attitude is one of the only true commodities left. A lasting impression goes a long way – but an electric impression can bring a whole auditorium to its feet. An Electric impression can get you anywhere you want to go. All you have to do is close your eyes, trust, and bolt.

    If our Electric glasses make an impact by virtue of size and shape, then our Gant sunglasses make an impact by virtue of size, shape, and colour! This fantastic Gant eyewear shines with intensity that can match anything out there – Electric included.