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    Ed Hardy can be called anything but boring. There's not a boring bit to this collection of vibrant and lively frames. Reminiscent of tattoo art, the designs inundate us with creative potential and impress upon us the importance of following our hopes, dreams, and ideas.

    Ed Hardy is code for breaking out of the box. Veering away from the plain and the ordinary, so we can get to the guarded, the secret, and the special. If we want to experience the numinous things, we must first cast away that which would hold us back. Boredom, negativity, and frustration are mere distractions, and Ed Hardy is the perfect case study for stepping outside of that box.

    Ed Hardy Australia

    Check out the Ed Hardy EHO 712 in amber. With roses, skulls and a lot of yellow, this bold and poignant meditation on the macabre and new life is designed not to depress, but to jolt. Not to deflate, but to pump up. Not to discharge, but to energize. In hazel, it's a little more earthy. It's more of a sensory experience. It's not just a colour anymore, it's a state. It's not yellow, it's natural. It's not amber, it's wood. It's more connected to the circle of life. It's more introverted.

    Ed Hardy glasses for men

    The Ed Hardy 802 is another fun design – this time with a tiger and some flowers over black. It's comic without being overbearing, and fun without being ridiculous.

    But it's not all bold, with Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy eyewear can be subtle, too. Regard the Ed Hardy 706. In anthracite metal gun, it's remarkably elegant for something which comes in a red and yellow dragon case. The wood colour is nice and light, and the metal is nice and shiny looking, without being attention seeking. This is as emotionally expressive as anything else Ed Hardy produces, but less flashy. If you're in the market for communication without bling, there Ed Hardy frames might be for you.

    Sting's eyewear is likewise lively and emotional. Get amongst some other colourful designs from another colourful designer. There are less dragons, but we figure you might be okay with that.