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    Blue bay eyewear

    Bluebay optics are a lot of fun, and they're a lot of fun at very good prices. The bright colours and funky shapes could almost be mistaken for cheeky – but they're not. They're just pleasant. Designed with fun and games in mind, Bluebay eyeglasses have something for everyone – no matter how loudly you want to amplify your spirit.

    Blue bay frames

    Take for example the 886. In dark havana, it shows a playful side, but one which takes itself seriously. The big rounded edges need the right person to work them, but the right person could work them incredibly well. In violet green it's a declaration that you're a little different. There's no way around that. But that's the beautiful thing about life – everybody is!

    In dark light red the 886 is punchy and grabby and powerful and completely irresistible. What's clear is you're coming to take life with both hands. In dark brown yellow, it's an ode to the buzzy bee. It's flying around looking cute, until something gets you tied in a knot. It's never being aggressive, unless there's an excellent reason. It's the wisdom to be yourself.

    The 803 in violet or lilac is like a pretty little bag of bath salts. A fizzing little purse of potential, just ready to explode and make everything a little bit better. Its butterfly shape reminds us we can take off at any moment. We just have to take that first running leap.

    Bluebay sunglasses are made by the same people, for the same people. The only difference is everything. Bluebay commits itself to having a good range of both sunglasses and eyeglasses, because in the end – Bluebay wants you to be happy.