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    Alviero Martini eyeglasses are as genuinely exciting as they are innovative and aesthetically stimulating. They are looks that make you look again. Probably a third time, too. They give rise to a fluffy curiosity and a tranquil inquisitiveness that ponders important things.

    alviero martini eyeglasses

    The Alviero Martini AL 0066 in pink transparent is a little bit like a cake. It has layers to it, and all the layers sparkle in different ways. There's a rich white base which supports the pink icing on its face. It creates a focal point exactly to illustrate as much.

    Martini glasses

    The Alviero Martini AL 0139 in pink dark grey is a cold steel attention grabber. It's not real steel, but it's still really cold. And it still grabs the attention like nothing else. It's all about how you do it. It's hard to warm this one up, and it would be a bold experiment to try. Such a contrast is hard to achieve – but dazzling if mastered.

    Safilo glasses are the epitome of genuinely exciting. Whether you run into them on the bus or on the beach, they reflect a certain sort of beauty that never seems to change.