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YSL Glasses

YSL eyeglasses epitomize what so many love about modern day eyewear. It's sleek, smooth, communicative, inspirational, cheeky, chirpy and well done. It's bold and creamy without being overconfident. It gives the distinct impression it earns its accolades.

The YSL 2314 is a looking glass to another world. When young children walk into the house of an older relative, these are the glasses they hope to see. Glasses that say wisdom and perception and a life lived free of evil. These are positive glasses for a positive outlook on things.

Yves Saint Laurent glasses

They are open, honest, clear, but proud. They don't put themselves down or procrastinate. They read the paper, and do the crossword. They look with wonder at the stars, and listen intently to the music of the universe. YSL eyewear is nothing if not emotionally open and accessible.

The YSL 6371 in shiny black is a very clear statement indeed. This one should be used with caution. Once you put this on, you will forever be lumped into the category of people who know what they're doing so well, they will have a hard time feigning ignorance. If you want to be really smart, and really striking, you're going the right way about it.

It's always interesting to see a well-done havana setup. Sometimes it's barely a dull tortoise, and sometimes it's the codex of two combined galaxies on display. What a riveting pair of glasses. A thin rim makes for a big focus, and a sleek temple makes for a lovely style. Come together with something that just makes sense. Come together with the YSL 6372 in havana.

YSL glasses Australia

If 'lovely' is just your colour, you may be as impressed as we are with the YSL 6227. In a bordeaux colour scheme, it's a private library with at least three wooden ladders, and it's four dusty bottles of wine in the corner. It's a face tired but red from laughter. It's the much coveted ability to be both consistent and effective. It's being good at life, in other words.

CK eyeglasses know all about being good at life. It's their unofficial mission statement to excel at what they put their mind to. The CK 5289 is like electric pulsing waves of the human essence. Spirit bubbles with candyfloss. You should be proud to put your name to this. CK is.

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