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Purple lens color Swarovski Sunglasses



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Purple lens color Swarovski Sunglasses

Fused with crystal detailing, the Swarovski eyewear is for people who love wearing something extra. The Swarovski frames feature unique shapes and twists that reflect the company's artistry. Buy Swarovski sunglasses to rejuvenate your style.

Handling Swarovski is like handling ancient wisdom in a crystal bottle. It's handling the secrets of the universe, condensed and filtered down into precious little artefacts which need great care taken. But then, it becomes apparently that Swarovski is actually quite strong. Strong enough to stand on its own, that's for sure. It doesn't need coddling or rescuing or saving. Only because it looks so precious did we ever believe that.

Swarovski sunglasses Australia

In ruthenium with grey azure lenses, the Swarovski SK 0004 is a proud mark of wisdom. It's arcane and perhaps a little bit esoteric. It carries the swan motif in the lens design, and flows through time seamlessly. This could be an alchemist working on gold transmutation in 1659 AD, or a Judge deciding what to do with a criminal in the year 2400. In the present day, it could be a ballet dancer or a cab driver with style. It could be a film director taking a break, and it could be a jeweler waiting to see the new stock. Regardless of who wears it, it stands alone by itself as a mark of intelligence, flair, and good design. It is a credit to those who brought it to life.

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In transparent purple strass, with bordeaux brown lenses, the Swarovski SK 0020 is a wine coloured winner. Don't just save it for summer – this inspirational little fireball burns just as bright in winter. When sunglasses are as nice as this Swarovski eyewear, it's no longer just about keeping the sun out. In white strass marble with brown shaded lenses, it's effortless and – as tempting as it may be to talk about these sunglasses all day – hardly needs any more said.

The Swarovski SK 0048 in anthracite with blue gradient lenses is a whole other beast. Reminiscent of some sort of scarily avant-garde Italian design from the 1400s, this concoction throws metal and lens together so well it is best left to speak for itself. All we can do is admire.

If you're after something more accessible, take a look at our Max Mara designer sunglasses. They won't part the Red Sea like Swarovski, but not everybody wants to part the Red Sea, after all. It's not a practical goal to wake up with each day.
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