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    Judith Leiber glasses are artful and refined, but not at the cost of flair and originality. In math, it's called a synergy. Many things have come together, and the result is much more than their individual contributions combined.

    Judith Leiber

    With prize poise and crystal clarity, Judith Leiber frames exist to carry the world forward. Somebody needs to lead the revolution. A revolution is a turn, and a turn is progress no matter what. It's Judith Leiber's turn.

    Leiber glasses

    That doesn't mean others can't help. Did you know that for every pair of glasses you buy, Vision Direct donates a pair to someone in need? Some people say life is a non-cooperative game. But time after time, successful people attribute their success to teamwork, interaction and collaboration. It's a global thing.

    Moschino sunglasses tug at the very fibres of emotion. They grab hold of the heart strings and yank. They make us feel, and they make us feel for the better. Butterflies turn to bow ties and strawberry hearts mandate consideration. All we know is we love them.