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Titanium CK Glasses

The creative collection of CK Eyewear features the beautifully handcrafted CK Eyeglasses for men and women from all walks of life. They are made from high-quality materials to provide durability, strength, style, and comfort. They are available in many colours and style.

CK doesn't just do what works. CK makes it work, and then does it. Not only does CK eyewear feature many classic and well established looks, it boasts a range of confident and edgy innovations to make a complete design package. It really is an awe-inspiring collection, based on the range of emotions it contains.

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The 5768 is a classic power look in black. It's not domineering, but it's assertive. In some circles, wearing this CK eyewear would be the only necessary signal that you didn't come down in the last shower. It's an intentionally vague but bold universal declaration of human wisdom. It's a reminder that you can see quite clearly, and your interpretation is usually spot on.

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For a bit of fun, check out the sandy or peachy 5297. If that's not your style, check out Bordeaux, or gunmetal. It's dainty, without being weak. It's elegant and supportive. If it wins an Oscar, it won't be for the lead. It could be for set design, or it could be for support. Who knows -- it might even sing?

For something a little different and ethereal, try the 5101 in pink buttercup. It sports little oval lenses, in almost invisible housing. The small design does nothing to detract from a big mind – in fact it makes it a little more prominent. It says you have no desire to let your glasses do the talking. Your intellect is enough to carry you... the glasses just provide a little bit of vision.

Vision Direct is passionate about optics in whichever form. Contact lenses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, sports sunglasses – we've got it. We've got lines for the design fiends, we've got conservative shades and optics for the more refined tastes, and we've got killer sports sunglasses for the athletic machines. Vision Direct exists to bring you quality.
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