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How Much Do Glasses Cost?

How much do prescription glasses cost?

Before diving in and buying a new pair of glasses, check out the affordable options that are out there.
How much do glasses cost

The glasses market is very broad. There’s a big mix of different kinds of glasses out there for sale, all for different purposes and price points. There are affordable brands, sustainable brands, luxury brands, sports brands and many more.

How much do prescription glasses cost?

At VisionDirect, you can pick up glasses from as little as $7 and as much as $1,500. Generally, glasses are sold at the $50-$150 price point; after all, there is some engineering that goes into making them. This is lower than the US average of $196 – in other words, there’s no better place for a great deal than VisionDirect.

Best cheap glasses

  • The SmartBuy Collection Taegan glasses are an easy, affordable option for anyone looking for some high quality full-rim transparent glasses.
  • We’re big fans of the SmartBuy Collection Laurie frames – they blend transparent modern design with vintage framework to great effect.
  • The SmartBuy Collection Cam glasses are a really affordable, chic way to get your hands on some cat-eye frames. They have some really cool bodywork too; the Havana-effect frames are sure to get people talking.

The final cost of your glasses will depend on the brand, frame style and the various features of the lenses.

Our favorite luxury glasses

  • The Tom Ford FT5379 glasses are a really stylish fashion option for any eyewear enthusiast, mixing up different colors in a funky frame design that will stand out in any setting. Oh, and it’s got that Tom Ford ‘T’ branding too…
  • These Persol PO9714VM Folding glasses bring the luxury style and technical sophistication of Persol sunglasses to the eyeglasses conversation.
  • Our top selling designer glasses, these Gucci GG0026O glasses are a very stylish cat-eye model that are specially built to attract attention. They’re really smart, with high-quality plastic frames that highlight the high quality lenses.

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