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My prescription is low, can I wear contact lenses?


Prescription contact lenses today can be manufactured with virtually any lens power.

So yes, with a prescription as low as 0-25/+0.25, you can wear prescription contact lenses.

Nevertheless, prescription contact lenses are a medical device and you will need to have an exam to determine your prescription and whether they are suitable for your eyes before you order contact lenses online. Note that prescriptions for contact lenses are different from those of eyeglasses.

Always be aware that contact lens prescription lasts only one or two years, and after this time has passed,  it is no longer accepted as valid. As a result, when your contact lens prescription expires, you won’t be able to buy more lenses until your eye care practitioner updates your contact lens prescription. That’s why a new eye exam must be made at the point of expiration in order to maintain optimum eye health and comfort.

Read on to learn how to choose the right contact lens type for your particular needs.


If you are susceptible to dry eye syndrome or have sensitive eyes, your eyes may not be suitable for contact lenses. It is also advised to have regular contact lens exams to ensure that your lenses are always fitted with the right prescription power and you are achieving the best vision possible, however low it may be. Once you have your prescription, you can order contact lenses online with Vision Direct.


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