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I can’t get used to my new pair of glasses. Help!


If you are wearing glasses for the first time, it may take a while to get accustomed to them. The familiariation process is different for everyone – some may only need a few days while it may take up to two weeks for others.

In fact, it is very common that first-time wearers will only see the frame rim of the glasses for the first couple of days. It is also common for wearers with strong prescriptions to have spells of dizziness and headaches. This is because the brain’s visual center needs time to adapt to your new, improved quality of vision.

The key here is to wear your glasses consistently and on a normal basis so that your brain and eyes can become familiar with your new glasses and visual surroundings as quick as possible.


Tips for Adjusting to New Glasses


1) Wear Glasses regularly

Your eyes need an adjustment period to be trained to get used to your new glasses. If you constantly take them off and rest your eyes it'll take you much longer to get used to wearing them.


2) Take it slow

Have patience, especially if you have glasses with multiple lenses, like bifocal, trifocal, multifocal or progressive lenses, it might take you longer to adjust. When first recieving the new pair of glasses if the vision is not comfortable when first putting them on, continue with your old pair for the rest of that day and start afresh first thing in the morning with the new pair. This will be easier on the eyes and brain to understand you are using new lenses to see, the eyes are rested after a sleep and ready to try something new! 


3) Use your nose or chin to help direct the eyes to learn where the different zones of the progressive/bifocal lenses are. 


4) Do some exercises to adjust to your new glasses


  • Move your head up and down, looking at things through different parts of your lenses, and focusing on objects of varying distances away from you.

  • Look straight ahead and focus on objects far away.

  • Look through the bottom of your lenses to practice focusing on objects close to you.


Note, this is especially helpful for bifocal glasses that are vertically aligned.


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