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How Much Are Transition Lenses?

Transition lenses, better known as photochromic lenses, are lenses that darken on reaction to sunlight. They tend to be more expensive than regular sunglasses or glasses available at VisionDirect.

If you want to learn more about photochromic lenses and why they’re more expensive, read this quick and easy guide below!


What Are Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromic lenses contain a special chemical which darkens on exposure to sunlight and protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Unlike regular or polarized sunglasses, photochromic sunglasses change color according to the brightness of the local area - whether that’s outside, or even in a room with bright lights. For example, walking outside from a dark room on a sunny day would cause your photochromic lenses to darken from normal-looking glasses to sunglasses. You can see our range of photochromic, also known as transition, sunglasses here.


Why Wear Prescription Photochromics?

Photochromic lenses offer great flexibility to anyone needing prescription eyewear, protecting the eyes indoors and out at all times. It’s also worth noting you can buy sunglasses with photochromic and polarized lenses.


Who Wears Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromics are versatile enough to suit anyone, on nearly any occasion. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, where good vision is as important as comfort and protection (think cycling, skiing or golf), or students switching from the lecture hall to the playing field, photochromic lenses ensure your eyes are protected whenever.


Photochromic vs Polarized Lenses

So, to clear up - the big difference between photochromic and polarized lenses is:

  • Polarized lenses are always tinted dark - they don’t change color. Polarized lenses reduce glare wherever they can: on bright, horizontal surfaces, such as white sand beaches, snow, and sunlight reflecting off water.

  • Photochromic lenses, on the other hand, are usually clear but turn dark in bright sunlight. Then, when you go back somewhere dimmer, they become clear once more.

If you’re interested in the different types of lenses out there and want to read more, try our guide to choosing the best sunglass lenses.

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