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The Myths And Misconceptions About Contact Lenses

Are you thinking about trying out contacts for the first time?

Are you literally staring at your new contacts and are too afraid to put them in your eyes?

Are you worried they will get stuck in your eyes forever? (Don’t worry – they won’t).

All contact lens wearers have been there. There are many myths and misconceptions buzzing around about wearing contacts, so we would like to ease your mind and free you from any worries so that you can join the rest of the happy contact lens wearers of the world!

10 Myths & Misconceptions about Contact Lenses

1. “I can’t wear contact lenses.”

- What, who says? Of course you can!

2. “I’m too old (or young) to wear contact lenses.”

- Believe it or not, age is not a factor that determines whether or not you can wear contacts.

Contact lenses are a medical device and require proper care, but if your optician believes you are mature and responsible enough to care for your contacts, then you can start wearing them at any time. If your eyesight changes as you get older, you can always get new contacts made with your updated prescription.

On the other hand, if you think you are too old to wear contacts - think again!

Contact lenses are perfectly suitable for adults and can be made with multifocal prescriptions for adults with various vision problems.

3. “I’ll never be able to get them in my eyes.”
- Don’t be silly, yes you can! The first few times take a little bit of practice, but if you are nervous about wearing contacts for the first time, you can see our step-by-step guide here about How to put in contact lenses.

4. “A contact lens will get lost behind my eye.”
- This is probably one of the biggest myths out there, but don’t worry, a contact absolutely cannot slip into the back of your eye.

It is physically impossible because of the conjunctiva tissue that connects the back of your eyelid to the white part of your eye. 

5. “Contact lenses can get permanently stuck to my eye.”

- Another scary thought that is also impossible. Sometimes contacts can dry out and become suctioned to your eye, but with a little saline solution, blinking and patience, the contact will become malleable again.

Just repeat the process until the contact is moisturized again. Don’t rub your eye here – the contact may scratch your cornea. 

6. “Contact lenses are too expensive.”
- Yet another myth! If you suffer from bad eye sight, corrective lenses are a necessity. Glasses are an option but can break or be easily misplaced, which will cost you a nasty sum in repair or replacement fees.

Contacts eliminate those worries, are completely affordable, and when you order them in large quantities, you can actually save money! 

7. “Contacts can pop out of my eye.”  
- With today’s amazing silicone hydrogel lens technology, these lenses are made to literally hug your eye, so it is extremely unlikely for them to become dislodged unexpectedly.

8. “Contact lenses are uncomfortable.”
- Soft contact lenses are very adaptable and after a few weeks (or even days) of wearing them, your eyes will become perfectly adjusted.

In addition, with the invention of silicone hydrogel contact lenses, contacts have never been morecomfortable. They are highly transmissible and offer amazing oxygen breathability. 

9. “Contact lenses are too much trouble to take care of.”
- On average, dealing with contacts will take up only 5 minutes of your day. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preference, there are many options in order to make wearing contacts even easier for the user. 

Daily disposables and extended wear contacts are great for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of contact lens storage or putting their lenses in and taking them out every day. 

10. “I can’t wear makeup with contacts.”
- Of course you can! But it is recommended that you avoid applying powder around the eye as it will fall into your eye and irritate your contacts.

Try liquid-based products instead. In addition, the lighter the amount of eyeliner and mascara applied, the better off you will be. Keep in mind that if you wear a lot of makeup around your eye, you are increasing your chances of eye irritation and infection. 

If you have any questions, ask an optician!

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