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    Hold on. The whole thing's gone topsy turvy. It's not supposed to be this way. That's not right. Wait, what have we done here? What have we created? It's... it's different but it's beautiful. YSL is clearly full of experimentation. There's no way some of those designs are going to happen without a few zany steps along the way.

    Take the YSL 6354 for instance. The temples connect to the frame halfway up, but it's not as though they started and finished with that prototype. The temples would have been at the top, the bottom and many many deviations in between those spaces. That we accept the design we see as quite authoritative is testament to how well it was designed. Everything else they tried except this paled in comparison. And they tried a lot.

    Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses

    Another incredible design is the Militar Green Python Yves Saint Laurent YSL 6349. With acetate programmed to look like snakeskin, and cat eye rims around the impenetrable polycarbonate lenses, the very clear theme of the animal kingdom is established. This is a statement and decree that we are the apex predator. We have earned that position; we are entitled to use it. This YSL eyewear is hungry for growth and competition and escalation. All things in moderation, however. Tactics, tactics...

    In brown beige python it's even more beautiful. It's a butterfly with a beautiful big cat eye smile. It's interior design with an extraverted purpose. It's a self-portrait of the world's happiest sunglasses. It's everything right with design. But we can't talk about it forever. Even if we'd like to.

    YSL sunglasses Australia

    The coolest by far are the YSL 2338 rose gold pilot glasses with blue sky shaded lenses. Talk about taking off. Talk about the ride of your life. The cost of aviation just went way down, that's for sure. There is a neat second function to these YSL sunglasses, though. And that's the loss of just a little bit of peripheral vision.

    You see what you look at, and not what's around the periphery. There are certain times where such jumps in focus are literally called for, and taking in more than necessary would be a crime punishable by procrastination. Sometimes, when you're extraordinarily busy, there are things you don't want to see. Things that you don't benefit from seeing. So, it's simple. Don't see them. See what you want to see with YSL eyewear.

    If you have a penchant for beautiful eyewear, you're in good company. So do we. Take a look at our LaCoste collection and let us know what you think.