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Value Collection Sunglasses

What’s the Value Collection? The Value Collection has top brands  that include some of the most cost effective, but premium sunglasses! All of the sunglasses that you’ll see within the Value Collection are made with the finest materials such as metal, plastic, and even wood!


The Value Collection offers a wide variety of diverse sunglasses for you to choose from, whether that’s for environmental reasons, fashion reasons, eye protection reasons, or if you’re looking for the whole package! The Value Collection is the go-to place if you’re looking for sunglasses that provide you with the necessities. 

High quality sunglasses that are ethical, protective, and sustainable shouldn’t always mean breaking the bank. So simply, if you’re looking for high quality sunglasses with the finest materials that are top trending, the Value Collection will provide you with the best sunglasses for men and women.


What qualities should sunglasses have?

As mentioned before, when shopping for cost effective sunglasses, you shouldn’t ever have to compromise with style or protection. The most important factors about any sunglasses are protection. Sunglasses have to have a minimum of UV protection category 2 to them, to protect the eyes. However, you can opt to have category 3 or 4 for more enhanced eye protection.

Sunglasses UV protection comes in categories, from UV protection 0-4, 4 being the best form of eye protection against high UV light, and 0 offering little or no protection. Sunglasses have to have a minimum of UV protection category 2, however, spectacles solely for fashion don’t require this. Spectacles for fashion rated with 0 UV protection let in 80-100% of UV light, so they aren’t classed as sunglasses. So, just be aware that the tinted lenses themselves for fashion pieces don’t offer much protection against UV light. 

In Europe, lenses with the certification ‘CE’ have passed EU regulation and are deemed fit for use in most conditions. When picking your sunglasses, you should always take these labels into consideration and keep your eyes protected whenever the sun is shining. At Vision Direct, we stock all sunglasses and spectacles with all lens categories.


What is UV?

Time to learn! Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a type of energy formed by the sun. The sun's UV can be extremely harmful if you aren’t protecting yourself or most importantly, your delicate eyes. Too much UV exposure also causes sunburn, tanning, premature ageing, and eye damage. This is why all sunglasses in the EU require category 2 for sunglasses, however they may still let in 18-43% of UV rays. Category 2 sunglasses are recommended for sunny but cloudy days, as they still offer good protection.

The power is in your hands! You can have sunglasses from category 2, upwards, 3 and 4 being the most protective. Category 3 will only let in 8-18% of UV light and is your ideal choice for protection against strong sunlight. Perfect for every day. 


Category 4 lets in around 3-8% of UV light and are the darkest lenses available. Category 4 is only recommended for extremely sunny weather conditions, or travelling at high altitude or at sea. These aren’t recommended for driving. 

If you’re looking for category 3 protective sunglasses within the Value Collection, you’ll be able to find these protecting and stylish lenses with the SmartBuy Collection, the Arise Collective, and also the Arise Collective X WWF range, that give back to saving  Australia’s great barrier reef, advocating for a Net Free North.


What are the most fashionable sunglasses?

Now we’ve spoken protection, let’s look into fashion! You’ll see the most requested sunnies and in trend styles within the Value Collection, so you don’t need to be searching for which styles are the most fashionable. VisionDirect has done all of the work for you, all you need to do is select which frames you love the most!


The most popular and trending frame shapes certainly have to be dedicated to the timeless oval and round sunglasses, which are great for everyday wear, whether you’re off to the beach to catch some rays, at a festival which is when they are most demanded, or out hitting the town with friends. Round sunglasses are widely universal as they suit any face shape, and are worn for all given occasions as they instantly become the statement piece to any outfit worn.

The picture-perfect pilots are always a great choice if you have a passion for fashion. Firstly, made for those within the aviation industry, where celebrities just couldn’t get enough and demanded they have a pair! This is how the pilots have become so commercial and popular within the fashion and eyewear industry, they’re a must!


You can find some of the trendiest ranges of pilot frames within the Value Collection, which come with polarised and mirrored lenses, the finest metals or plastics depending on your sunglass desires, or even having frame body’s being made from wood for those who are lovers of the environment, or desire to have premium, unique, and ‘rich’ looking sunglasses.


The squares are the best recommended sunglasses if you’re looking for that smooth criminal, classic, and classy look. Square sunglasses compliment all face shapes, and instantly provide a smart and sophisticated look to any outfit, due to the intelligent ambiance they have always held. The square sunglasses are one of the biggest ranges that the Value Collection hold due to their high demand, so don’t forget to check them out! They also come in Clip-On form for the littles ones, with the most rainbow-full colours to choose from. 


To make your search for the perfect sunglasses within the Value Collection even easier, VisionDirect offers their ingenious and advanced technology  Virtual Try-On tool, which will enable you to try on endless frames and shop until you drop! All of this fun at the comfort of your own home, with no ques, no fuss, no hassle. 


To know what frame shape is perfect for you and to optimize your shopping experience, check out VisionDirects fun and creative face shape guide to learn which frames suit your face the best!