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john varvatos Sunglasses

John Varvatos sunglasses are like the cool treasure you unearth from a rainforest. Nobody is sure exactly how long it has been there, but when the golden chest swings open and this John Varvatos eyewear is staring you in the face, it all makes sense. The lid has been lifted on beauty.

Varvatos sunglasses

The John Varvatos v732 in colour 1 with tan lenses is like an earthy dinosaur egg pulled out of fresh soil. It almost seems to breathe new life – or maybe it just has an aura. What is certain is that if you invest some time in it, and allow it to hatch, you will have a dinosaur for a friend. You will have nurtured something until it is in a position to impart something very real onto you. That's not just any sort of transaction. That's a relationship.

John Varvatos

In colour 3 with grey crystal lenses it's like something out of a magnificent 1915 film. Who should wear them in the film? A completely unafraid hero or heroine, hanging out for the love of their life to walk around the corner. Somebody optimistic, and possibly a sweet tooth. There would be singing, and dancing, and whistling. There would be happiness, that's for sure. Because as grim as things can seem, real joy is always buried deep within.

The John Varvatos V555 in black with purple lenses could lie justifiably on a gemstone beach. It could be the nicest amethyst in the lands. It's not, but for a fleeting heartbeat, it makes you believe the impossible can happen – and sometimes that's nice.

Oliver sunglasses are a much more overtly powerful option. If John Varvatos eyewear is beautiful enough to be reserved, then Oliver eyewear is strong enough not to need to be. It's not necessarily the case that one is better than the other. Maybe they are both great.
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