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    Dior sunglasses are stylish, high-quality and reflect the image of elegance, glamour and opulence. Dior goggles are designed to add a sense of style and luxury to your look. Dior is a luxury brand that features the latest designs of sunglasses. It uses colours such as blue, red and green to showcase the trending designs.


    Dior shades are made with premium materials using special manufacturing techniques and best practices. This results in sunglasses that stand out from other luxury brands in quality, design and aesthetic appeal. There are men and women Dior sunnies that come in various models. If you’re looking for a sunglass brand that’s fashionable and stands the test of time, Dior goggles are an excellent choice.


    Who Makes Dior Sunglasses?

    Christian Dior is one of the leading brands in the eyewear industry. The manufacturer behind this beautiful brand is Safilo, an Italian company. Safilo and Christian Dior have produced eyewear together for over 20 years. Dior goggles’ popularity took a major leap with the release of the ‘So Real’ range for the spring/summer 2014 season. Safilo had great partnerships with Dior. They sold more than 30 million pieces of Dior eyewear over that period.


    Safilo Group’s license agreement for Dior and Dior Homme sunglasses and optical frames expired on 31 December 2020. Dior didn’t renew the licence agreement with Safilo. Thelios, the dedicated eyewear joint venture between LVMH and Marcolin, confirmed that it would be manufacturing Dior eyewear worldwide, starting in January 2021. The first range of Dior glasses designed with Thelios was scheduled to be unveiled in January 2021.


    When shopping for glasses, knowing the right frame for your face minimises the risk of picking frames that don’t perfectly fit your face. While some frames are widely acceptable, some could be a turn-off if picked carelessly without considering the face shape. Dior sunglasses are available in various shapes. To make the best choice, you’ve to understand what’s suitable for your face shape - ovals, square, round, rectangular or heart.


    Here’s a face shape guide with which you can make the perfect choice of frames. Look in the mirror to see the shape of your face. Next, outline your face’s reflection using a piece of bar soap or an erasable marker. Once you’ve done this, step back and look at the shape you’ve just drawn. Next, choose your glasses based on your face shape as drawn on the mirror.


    If you’ve got an oval face shape, then non-oversized frames, retro cat-eye frames and frames with embellishments are suitable for you. Round frames and oval frames are ideal for a square face shape. Someone with a round face will be better off using rectangle frames, Wayfarer frames and bright colours & prints. Do you have a heart face shape? If yes, wraparound frames, wayfarer frame shape and floral or tortoise patterns are best fits.


    Where Can I Buy Dior Sunglasses Online?

    Buy your Dior sunnies online from Vision Direct, Australia’s leading eyewear retailer. We’ve helped over 1.3 million people find and purchase eyewear. We offer an exhaustive collection of Dior shades. When you buy from us, you buy at the best rates. Our comprehensive range of sunglasses includes men’s glasses, women’s glasses, kids’ glasses and women’s sunglasses.


    Unlike other shops and retail locations that have a limited number of styles and designs of Dior glasses. At Vision Direct, we’ve got a wide range of products available in Australia. With a large collection to choose from, you can compare all different frames, colours and lens specifications, all on your device from the comfort of your home.


    Our goal is not just to provide you with the best sunglasses; we also take it upon ourselves to make your purchasing journey an amazing experience. As a result, we provide a face shape guide to help you choose the frames that perfectly fit your face. Our Virtual Try-On tool is available so you can try on some frames in real-time online to see the sunglasses that fit you.


    Dior sunglasses aside, we also offer other sunglasses brands. Some of these luxurious brands include Gucci, Versace, Prada, and Ray-Ban sunglasses. These brands feature high-quality sunnies with contemporary styles and designs.


    We stand out when it comes to pricing. We make our customers get the highest value. We offer the best price guarantee. Here’s the deal; find a lower Dior sunglasses price online, and we’ll match it. For items marked “Best Price Guarantee”, if you can find Dior sunnies at a lower price, we’ll match the price. We took steps further to make owning stylish Dior shades possible for every Australian with AfterPay payment plan, which allows you to split the cost over weekly instalments.


    You can also buy prescription glasses, blue light glasses, and polarized sunglasses from us. Whatever your preferences are, we’ve got products that suit your functional and design needs. Our customer service team takes pride in leading customers every step of the buying journey. The items you add to the cart are packaged and shipped for free to your chosen destination within a few days. We offer a 2-year warranty and a 100-day stress-free return policy.