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Cat-eye Sunglasses

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Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat eye glasses and sunglasses first started to grow in status in the 1950’s, everyone had to have a pair. They were instantly loved and known for their feline-like look.  Cat eye glasses really shook people and the eyewear industry, as there had never been a pair like them before. This is where the cat eye glasses and sunglasses started to make people feel confident and empowered, no matter what occasion they were worn for.


The cat eye glasses started to get a name for themselves, and yes, a good one. This all started to happen when the cat eye glasses were being spotted in immensely famous films with prestigious celebrities at the time. This had driven everyone crazy, for the right reasons. This was the era where everyone had to have a pair of cat eyes, and best believe everyone did!


The cat eye glasses were, and still are, worn for any given occasion. Back in the 1950’s, they were very dramatic and vibrant frames, worn for shows, dress up, costumes, as well as regular glasses and sunnies. Today, the cat eye sunglasses look is more subtle, but subtle in the sense that less is more.

The most in trend and up to date cat eye sunglasses are still loved as they were originally, chunky and funky, but can be found in more petite versions with slimmer frame body’s and, made with lighter materials.


 If you’re looking for the latest and chicest pair of cat eye sunglasses, then best believe that Vision Direct will have a perfect pair waiting for you!

Vision Direct provides the finest designer cat eye sunglasses with the best price guaranteed, as well as also providing cost effective cat eye sunglasses, depending on what you’re searching for. 


Cat eye sunglasses are renowned as the biggest fashion statement pieces yet, always at the top of their game. The pointed edges instantly add some bad to the bone vibes which people and celebrities can’t seem to get enough of! 


The cat eyes have been regularly spotted on American worldwide fashion models and celebrities who can’t seem to get enough of the timeless, vintage cat eyes. So if you’re looking for classy, sassy, and sophisticated sunglasses, then you’ve come to the perfect place! You’ll be able to see the chicest and most timeless designer cat eye sunglasses with Vision Direct. 

What face shape looks good with cat eye sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses look great on face shapes such as round, oval, triangular, and square because the pointed edges that elongate outwards really emphasise the length and shape of the face. If you struggle with your face shape and finding the perfect pair, this won’t be an issue like most sunglasses, as cat eye frames instantly tailor to most face shapes, as they draw most attention to the top half of the face, making the perfect sunglasses hunt way more enjoyable!


How to wear cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses and eye glasses couldn’t hold any more attitude! If you’re looking for a pair to do the talking for you, then designer cat eye sunglasses are the ones. 


The best thing about cat eye frames is that they withhold such a sassy status, that they will totally rock a bad ‘n bold outfit, or they will equally be the main fashion piece to a minimal and casual sort of get up. You always win with cat eye sunglasses, no matter what sense of style you’re choosing for the day, your outfit is 90% complete with a pair of catties! 


Cat eye sunglasses are being spotted on members of the public, big time fashionistas and celebrities all over the world. These sassy sunnies are regularly spoken about by famous and prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue and ELLE. The list goes on! 


Cat eye sunglasses are probably the only sunnies that go with every outfit! Even though they’re so modern and in date, and one of the most demanded frames today, they were also the most in style frames in the 1950’s and 1960’s, meaning if you’re a vintage glasses lover, they’ve got your back covered!


Cat eye sunglasses look dashing with a red lip, because of the timeless, vintage status they withhold. They scream boujee Parisian vibes, looking best with a beret hat, headscarf or a booming black blazer. As all cat eyes tend to be so universal, they are highly pulled off with minimalistic, neutral casual wear.

 Bold but basic outfits within the fashion industry have become more and more desired, and cat eye sunglasses have been used as a bold statement piece as well as a chunky boot or trainer to top off the cute but casual look. 


Do cat eye sunglasses look good on oval faces?

Oval faces are in fact best suited with cat eye sunglasses as most oval faces tend to have rounded chins and foreheads, and this seems to work perfectly with cat eye shaped frames.  If you have an oval face, then count yourself lucky as all frame sizes and types tend to complement your face shape! If you’re looking to show off your features completely, then a softer and more delicate cat eye frame will do the trick. 


If you’re trying to discover what frames suit your face shape the most, then check out Vision Directs creative face shape guide, to help you pick your perfect pair. You’ll also have to try out Vision Direct's ingenious Virtual Try-On tool! You’ll be able to see how frames look on you from the comfort of your own home, with no ques, fuss, or pressure.


Overall, there are numerous and diverse types of cat eye sunglasses. You can discover more vintage cat eyes, the latest cat eyes, and cat eye frames solely for fashion. You’ll be able to find all collections and unique sunnies with Vision Direct!