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Aviator Sunglasses

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Aviator Sunglasses

With unbeatable style and functionality, it is no surprise that aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular styles available on the market. Recognized by their teardrop shape, these sunglasses have transcended time and have remained stylish throughout decades. With an interesting history and diverse varieties suitable for both men and women, aviator sunglasses add unmatched value to any wardrobe.


What are Aviator Sunglasses?

While aviator sunglasses are undoubtedly fashionable, they were developed primarily for practical purposes. In 1939, Bausch and Lomb developed the first version of aviators for pilots, which can explain the origins of their name. As opposed to the fur-lined goggles pilots often wore while flying, the new and improved aviator design protected pilot’s eyes while increasing their visibility of the bright sky. 


The teardrop lenses follow the line of the cheekbone to completely block light from all angles of the eye, and the classic, dark mirrored lenses effectively block the glare from clouds, making them the perfect solution to ensure successful flight. It was not long before all pilots ditched the old-fashioned goggles for the new, revolutionary aviator style. 


Soon after aviator sunglasses became the standard for pilots, they became increasingly popular in Hollywood. Movie stars and celebrities were featured in the frames both on-screen and off-screen, such as the iconic Tom Cruise in Top Gun.


From then to now, both men and women have made aviator sunglasses their go-to style. The frames are a great fit for all face sizes, they fit comfortably, and they work wonders to protect your eyes from the strong sun. The classic version will never go out of style, and the new, modern variations add personality with unique frames and lenses. With aviator sunglasses, everyone can feel fashionable. 


Aviator Sunglasses for Men 

Aviator sunglasses for men inspire a sporty, yet stylish look, which brings instant confidence as soon as you put them on. The combination of vintage and contemporary style make a casual look more sophisticated or can add a bit of edge to more formal attire. From the SmartBuyGlasses selection of aviator sunglasses for men there are frames with bright, colorful lenses for day-to-day wear, plastic frames for an active day out, or classic dark frames for natural elegance. Which will you choose?


Aviator Sunglasses for Women

Aviator sunglasses for women can be worn with any outfit and are considered a staple accessory for every fashionable wardrobe. Gold frames add effortless elegance to your daily look, without sacrificing any comfort. Choose pink, flirty lenses for a day at the beach or go for a classic brown gradient style for your commute to work or lunch with friends. No matter which style you choose, your aviators will make you feel confident and prepared for a great day.


Who makes the best aviator sunglasses?

Not only does Ray-Ban sell the best aviator sunglasses, but they also sell the only aviator sunglasses on the market. While there are many brands that offer styles similar to aviators, Ray-Ban is the only brand that can officially call the style aviators. 


Ray-Ban has produced quality eyewear since 1939 with superior quality materials. With functionality at the core of their brand, all of the Ray-Ban eyeglasses and sunglasses are designed to endure any challenge that life throws at you. When you purchase Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, you will notice this quality and know that they will not only look good, but they will feel good too.  


Although the aviator style was originally intended for aviation purposes, Ray-Ban has vastly expanded the collection to include modern designs that can fit anyone’s personality. Find statement lenses in blue, yellow, and pink, as well as colorful metal and plastic frames. In addition, to add even more functionality to the sunglasses, Ray-Ban aviators can be made with both prescription and polarized lenses.


With limitless customization, timeless branding, and top-quality materials, Ray-Ban undoubtedly makes the best, and only, aviator sunglasses on the market.


Where to buy aviator sunglasses

Buying aviator sunglasses is easier than ever at SmartBuyGlasses! We offer a vast selection of sunglasses for men, women, and kids with a best-price guarantee, so you know that when you shop with us you will be paying the lowest cost on the market. 


Not only does SmartBuyGlasses offer the best deal on aviator sunglasses, but we can also customize the sunglasses with your prescription. Just select the frames, choose your lens, add your prescription with our easy, step-by-step process, and get ready to enjoy your new aviators! 


If you are looking for styles that are similar to Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, you can also browse pilot sunglasses from over 180 designer brands or our aviator eyeglasses selection. With so many options to choose from, it might be challenging to know where to start. To feel more at ease, SmartBuyGlasses offers Virtual Try-On technology so you can try on a limitless number of styles from the comfort of your own home. 


At SmartBuyGlasses, we strive to make you feel as confident as possible when making your purchase. Once you purchase the perfect aviator sunglasses that suit you, you can rest knowing that your new sunglasses will come with free shipping, 100-day-returns, 2 year warranty, and unbeatable customer service.