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Grey lens color Asian Fit Stella Mccartney Sunglasses

Asian fit sunglasses might be just what you need if ordinary sunglasses don't seem to fit your face well. It's time to upgrade to a pair of Asian fit sunglasses if you have a round, flatter face with high cheekbones and a low nose bridge. When you shop for low bridge sunglasses online at Vision Direct, you'll be able to discover the best Asian fit sunglasses that make you feel confident. 


Everyone can find a pair of low bridge sunglasses online thanks to our large selection of designer brands. Choose from various styles, such as aviator or square frames, and add a splash of colour such as pink or blue. Try some Gucci or Ray-Ban Asian fit sunglasses for an ultra-stylish look. For a more affordable pair, check out what SmartBuy Collection offers.


What are Asian fit sunglasses?

Asian-style sunglasses accommodate people with higher cheekbones, a flatter nose, a lower nasal bridge and a shorter space between the nose and the ears. For a comfortable wear, Asian fit sunglasses have larger nose pads, tilted lenses and a broader frame to decrease tightness. 


Do I need Asian fit sunglasses?

If you feel you have the face shape described above, you might want to check out a pair of Asian fit sunglasses. To find out if you need them, take a few simple measurements using our size guide and read more about Asian fit eyewear to help determine if they're for you. 


Can anyone wear Asian fit sunglasses?

If you don't have the face shape that low bridge sunglasses are designed for, it's best to avoid them. Due to the specific structure sunglasses for Asian fit offer, they won't suit everybody. Before buying a pair, do your research and learn about what face shape you have. 

Shop from the best Asian fit sunglasses online today with Vision Direct. With the best price guaranteed and our 100-day return policy, you'll surely find the best pair.

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