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Clear lens color Wiley X Sunglasses

Wiley X eyewear is born for adventure-seeking individuals. Each Wiley X sunglasses are made from state-of-the-art materials, making them impact resistant to meet the demands of athletic people. Choose from our collection Wiley X frames and play the sports that you love.

Serious eyewear for serious athletes, Wiley X sunglasses are made for those always looking for the next adrenaline rush. With high-impact resistant lenses and extremely durable frames, just one pair of Wiley X sunglasses will last you many years and through many adventures. Don’t compromise your style with some mediocre sports eyewear – enhance your performance and intimidate the competition with a pair of high-tech Wiley X sunglasses.

Some of the most popular models that we recommend checking out are Airrage and Brick. Grab a pair and get out there!
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