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Sting Sunglasses

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Sting Sunglasses

Sting sunglasses are as thrilling as the night sky in a dark place. Scanning the range of stars, it's impossible to predict what's burning away in the sky before your vision hits that sector. Looking through this range of Sting sunglasses is like mapping a whole new galaxy – everything is noteworthy for one reason or another.

Sting sunglasses online

The Sting SS4641is an orange and tangerine burst. A solid and in your face rimless assertion that fortune favours the bold. Not for the faint of heart, or those afraid to defend their position – the SS4641is essentially a declaration of war. Not war on everybody, but on anybody looking for a fight. You'll fight right back.

In pink with grey pink lenses, the Sting SSJ563 is dinner and a movie in the 1950s. It's a milkshake, and an honest ride home afterwards. It's a simpler time, where morals and accepted norms intersected like some would say they no longer do.

Sting sunglasses Australia

In red with rosybrown lenses, these full rim round acetate and polycarbonate Sting sunglasses echo the warcry of the SS4641. Looking good is important when you're at the top of the mountain, because you never know who is making the trek, or how exactly they're doing. It's important to protect your investments, and we are our own biggest asset. Whichever way you do the math, it's important to gear up. When the world knocks at the door, it pays to be ready.

In silver blue with blue lenses, the Sting SS4804 is like looking in through the fish tank. You're cool, detached, on the outside – while you watch what happens and plan your next move. The pilot look always has a bit of detachment to it, and in this case the blue really enhances it by adding an almost aloof element.

Perfect for people watchers, the curious, and introverts everywhere, the Sting SS4804 is an example of why Sting eyewear is a leader in its field. It may not grab the whole world right away – but the most potent and awesome discoveries usually do only go to those who wait and watch and work.

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