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Purple lens color Spy Sunglasses



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Purple lens color Spy Sunglasses

Spy Sunglasses


Spy Optic was created in 1994 by a group of action sports enthusiasts who wanted to make a difference to the eyewear market. Their vision was a single thought: “it’s not seeing different things; it’s seeing the same things differently.” Spy Optic designs, develops and sells premium eyewear products for the affluent youth, that indulges in action sports, including skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, motorsports, and skiing. Spy sunglasses utilize high-quality materials that are very carefully handcrafted and optical lens technology to produce a combination of classic yet futuristic style and design.


The “Spy Scoop” venting system eliminates lens fogging by allowing air to flow between the lens and the wearer’s face. Spy’s polarization treatments effectively eliminate more than 99% of blinding glare for precise, unobstructed vision. SPY Happy Lens is the only lens technology designed to maximize the best transmission of the sun's "good" rays while still blocking out its "bad" rays.


All SPY lenses and goggle lenses offer 100% UV A, B and C protection and they help people SEE BETTER and FEEL BETTER.


Best Spy sunglasses on VisionDirect


Spy CYRUS 673180438863


The Spy Cyprus sunglasses are unisex, square, full-rim sunglasses, virtually indestructible because of the Grilamid construction, yet they are light and comfortable when worn. The thick non-slip temples come with integrated nose pads and optical hinges to ensure a perfect fit. 


Spy HELM Polarized 673015374861


The Spy Helm sunglasses feature polarised lenses and a clean-cut full rim frame design. The Happy Lens and polarization technology used by the brand also ensures you with high-quality glasses that could shelter you from harmful UV and blue light rays.


Spy DISCORD 673119038863


Spy DISCORD 673119038863 's come in an assortment of fashionable colours. The frames are made of plastic and the lenses of polycarbonate, ensuring 100% protection from UV rays.


Spy HELM Asian Fit 183411973417


The Spy HELM Asian Fits are made for every occasion. The right colour combination of Soft Matte Black and Happy Bronze with Gold Mirror make this pair the perfect accessory to any outfit. Made from Carbon Fibre and coming with a 2-year warranty, these fashionable sunglasses are lightweight, durable and a great fashion statement

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