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Grey lens color SmartBuy Collection Sunglasses

Trying to find a collection that quite literally has a frame for everything? Whether that be fashion, for driving, activities or for a holiday in the sun, the SmartBuy Collection has it all. SmartBuy Collection is the best brand for sunglasses online Australia. The collection includes various shapes, sizes and styles, perfect for each individual person and personality. 

Each pair of sunglasses have their own unique style for every occasion, so rest assured you will find the perfect pair of sunglasses online with us. 

Before you go looking for your sunnies and to make the whole shopping process easier, you can add your personal prescription information at checkout in order to have the perfect prescription sunglasses!


The SmartBuy Collection’s aim

Before you get started, here’s some heart-warming information about the SmartBuy Collection and what their aim is! As well as making you look and feel good with the most trending frames, SmartBuy Collection are also proud supporters of World Vision. World Vision are a non-profit organisation that supports women and children in Zambia, to live happier and healthier lives. A portion of every sale on SmartBuy Collection sunglasses goes towards the phenomenal organisation, which will help disadvantaged women and children. 


Feel good for less

All of the glasses at Vision Direct are provided with high quality materials, that’s a fact. The SmartBuy Collection has been made to give everyone the opportunity to have consistent style in their lives without breaking the bank. 

 Cheap sunglasses online Australia tends to love, but sometimes cheap frames can come with low quality. Rest assured, this isn’t the case with Vision Direct or our SmartBuy Collection. Trying to find ‘cheap prescription sunglasses’ shouldn’t mean that quality, attention to detail or style isn’t included. Vision Direct have invested the time and efforts in ensuring all materials are high quality from the start, even if you are looking for a more cost-effective collection. Vision Direct provides high quality metals and plastics all across the board, within all of the collections. Vision Direct believe that feeling good is everyone’s birthright, and this shouldn’t be compromised just because you’re looking for balance within the style and cost. 


Get the look

Vision Direct have ensured that their SmartBuy Collection is packed with the latest eyewear trends within the fashion industry. The prescription sunglasses online have been a strong point for the company and the SmartBuy Collection due to the range of sunglasses provided. There’s a pair of sunnies for every face, personality and unique style, so rest assured your dream pair of sunnies are ready, waiting for you to find them! 

To feel confident before you get started, take a look at Vision Directs Face Shape Guide, in order to see which frame suits your face shape the best! You can apply this rule if you’re buying a pair of sunnies for a loved one or a friend! Now, let's talk about styles!


The Rounds

Yes, the ruler of all glasses, the elite originals that come around like an ageless boomerang. The round shape has been a massive hit since the 1920’s, best seen on the famous Beatles band member, John Lennon. 

Round and Oval glasses have been seen to be getting more artistic, fashionable and premium looking. Round glasses are instantly connected to intelligence, mysteriousness and sophistication. No matter how you’re wearing round glasses or sunnies, they instantly resemble class and style. Round sunglasses are also massively popular for festivals, where you can really give off the old hippie vibes. 

The Pilots

The Pilot frames were first implemented and born to help aid the visibility for Pilot’s, and then we all wanted in and stole the idea, and what a good idea that was! Pilot frames have been killing it since the time they were born, around 1936. They have flown to the top and we don’t think they’ll be coming back down anytime soon, they’re really up there in the fashion industry. 


Pilot frames were first your generic metal, standard pilot frames. Because they have been in such high demand, fashionistas have requested more shapes, styles and materials for the pilot frames, which is exactly why they have developed and grown so heavily within the fashion and eyewear industry. You can now get pilot frames as transparent (which is a huge hit), as a rectangle frame, as a fully oval frame or even chunky


All of the styles listed above are the eyewear’s most in-demand frames, and people have simply requested that they were also included in pilot frames, transitioning them into one of the most popular frames, as a strong fashion statement piece. Checking out SmartBuy Collection’s pilot frames and online sunglasses as a whole will give you a huge opportunity to find the latest trends and the perfect pair of sunnies! 


The Cat-Eyes

If you’re simply looking for a fashion statement piece, and want to have the ‘driving around in your drop-top with a headscarf that miraculously flies off with the wind’ vibes, for the dramatic and sassy look, then cat-eyes are always the answer. You can get these gorgeous sunnies in daring black, the famous tortoiseshell texture, punchy pink, mischievous burgundy and more. The colours incorporated within these sunnies are the most trending colours this season, which is why the SmartBuy Collection have put two and two together. 


Overall, the SmartBuy collection provides you with a diverse range of sunglasses to choose from, for every face, personality, style and occasion. Check out the polarized sunglasses which are great for all activities and occasions! Try out our ingenious Virtual-Try-On-Tool to see yourself in your perfect pair before purchase! 

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