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Safilo Sunglasses

Safilo sunglasses love to have fun. They love to create fun situations, take part in fun events, and think fun thoughts. Some might say everybody wants to have fun – but in that case it is a matter of activity. Safilo is active – it actively creates excellence. Not a bad plan of attack.

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The Safilo UFO 3 in silver with grey green lenses is the kind of eyewear that could belong to a jeweler or an artist – a jewel thief or an art baron – a judge and a prosecutor, or a prohibition era gangster.

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What these UFO sunglasses project is, in other words, not a specified personality of their own – for that would be near impossible. What these sunglasses project is the nature deep within the wearer. That is what they are good at, and that is why they are adored.

Polo glasses do less projecting and more analysing. They see right to the bottom of the ocean, and right to the top of the sky. They see what the pilots are wearing, and what the person on the other side of the room is writing. Take a look, if that's cool.