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Clubmaster Ray-Ban Sunglasses

What era of Ray-Ban clubmaster frames are you longing for? VisionDirect has the ultimate unique pairs for any given occasion. Whether you’re looking for the elite original Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses, or the rocking retro and sophisticated clubmaster glasses, there’s a bold, daring pair waiting for you. 


Are Ray-Ban clubmasters in style?

Famously wild since the 1980s. Ray-Ban had an epiphany and revised their current 1947 Aviator pair. After this, the unique Ray-Ban browline sunglasses were brought to life, which was highly in demand from the moment of their birth. Compared to the normal Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, the Ray-Ban clubmasters held a different effect. Of course, you can’t get any cooler and original than the aviators, but the exciting launch of the browline clubmasters got the crowd hyped up for a fresh, one-of-a-kind, and diverse frame shape. 


The Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses withhold the status of being one of the most in-demand and successful frames at Ray-Ban. The fashion and eyewear industry views them as fresh but quirky pairs that stand out from any other style ever crafted in the eyewear industry. The proof is in the pudding, you’ll be able to see many replicas and imitations of the Ray-Ban clubmaster eyeglasses and sunglasses, but let’s face it, why have a copy when you can have the elite originals? 


The last decade has been a wild ride for the Ray-Ban clubmaster frames. These particular frames have been seen in two hit films in the nineties, Malcom X starring Denzel Washington (1992) and Falling Down starring Michael Douglas (1993), which craved fans and the fashion industry to have, and push this frame style more than ever, and in particular, the Ray-Ban clubmasters flew through the roof and made an irreversible hot impact in the fashion industry.


With time and more competition in the fashion industry, the style experts at Ray-Ban have only elevated some of the best Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses yet. They only seem to be getting sleeker, sexier, and sophisticated with their lighter bodies, more delicate but bold browline style, and much more enticing-looking frames overall. 


The biggest growth for the Ray-Ban clubmaster has to be their eyeglasses collection. You’ll be able to see the growth of the collections, with their golder than gold rims, sleeker than ever statement browline top bar, and their unique patterns and shades such as the toasty toned Havana’s, the bang up to date crystal clear transparents, and the flourishing original gold mock tortoise clubmasters. 


Any pair from the Ray-Ban clubmatser classic sunglasses or eyeglasses collection is the most iconic fashion statement piece yet, so if you’re a lover of the diverse and stand out from the crowd look, then the Ray-Ban clubmaster frames have your name written all over them. Get the corrective power your eyes need with clubmaster prescription sunglasses to always look your best.


Want to try before you buy? We’ve got your back! You’ll be able to try on any frames at VisionDirect from the comfort of your own home, with the online Virtual Try-On tool. Try on endless frames, with no queues, no pressure, and no fuss. 


How can I tell if my Ray-Ban clubmasters are real?

With Ray-Ban being one of the worlds leading eyewear brands, it’s inevitable that counterfeit Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ray-Ban clubmaster frames will be lurking online. We will now share some tips and tricks as to how you can avoid purchasing counterfeit Ray-Ban clubmasters, and what some of the most common red flags may be. 


1- The wording and spelling of the brand name. Incorrect wording and spelling mistakes are the biggest indicators to knowing whether you have purchased a counterfeit pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. You may notice deliberate incorrect spellings like ‘’Raybon’’ or something similar. The logo is the first thing you should take a glance at when you receive your sunglasses. Another test is to try and lightly brush the logo with your nail. If the logo easily scratches off, then it’s likely your Ray-Ban clubmaster frames may be fake. 


2- The arms (temples). When you open up your Ray-Ban clubmaster frames, the left arm (temple) inside, should have some written details. This will include information about the model such as the colour code, product code (example: RB 5017 clubmaster), and the size of the lens and bridge of the sunglasses. The right temple will also have details, such as a Ray-Ban logo and where the frames were made (Italy or China). 


3- Inside of nose bridge. The inside of your Ray-Ban clubmaster frames should have two numbers engraved. Most counterfeit Ray-Ban clubmaster frames won’t have this. 


4- Nose pads and hinges. Having a thorough glance and a good look at the fine details of your Ray-Ban frames is always a good idea. The nose pads on the Ray-Ban clubmaster frames will have the ‘RB’ initials printed inside of the nose pads, again, most counterfeit Ray-Bans will not include this. All Ray-Ban clubmaster hinges should be metal and not plastic, this is a big indicator of whether you have counterfeit frames. Give the sunglasses a little feel, open the arms and see if they open freely and smoothly, without getting stuck or feeling like they’re going to break. 


5- Left lens. On the left lens of the Ray-Ban clubmasters, you should be able to see the initials ‘RB’. 


There are overall other factors to take into consideration, as to where you purchase your Ray-Ban clubmaster frames, the packaging, and the glasses case that it comes with. If you have counterfeit Ray-Bans, some signs also may be quite clear when it comes to the packaging and details of the case, such as again, incorrect spelling and no product booklet or details inside. Have a thorough check of everything, and make sure you feel comfortable with the company you have purchased from. It’s always best to shop with reputable brands, where you’ll be able to find information about the company online such as their email, telephone number, customer services contact, store, and operating locations.


 At VisionDirect, you’ll be able to find additional information such as who the company is, what they do, how they give back to the community, and an authenticity page that includes all the necessary information that you need to know about the company. We try to make the online shopping experience as hassle-free as possible so we offer a free 100-day return policy, as well as a generous 24-month warranty.


Are Ray-Ban clubmaster unisex?

Perfect for both men and women, most frames from Ray-Ban are unisex, as they are a unisex brand, there’s a pair for everyone! Most famous Ray-Ban frames such as the Ray-Ban clubmaster classics, Wayfarers, and Aviators always come as unisex. Before you purchase any Ray-Ban frames, do check the gender type before, just to be on the safe side and to get the correct size. This can be found in the product details when you click on the product online. You can even find sunglasses for children with the Ray-Ban kids collections.


With all the tips and tricks into how to mindfully purchase your Ray-Ban clubmaster frames, as well as being able to try on the latest and most in-demand clubmaster collections with the Virtual Try-On tool, you have everything you need, and are one step closer to finding your dream statement Ray-Ban clubmaster frames that are right on trend!

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Struggling to choose between the club master and other classic shapes? Try out our face shape guide for a push in the right direction! Happy shopping!