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Metal Porsche Design Sunglasses

With stunning clear lines and fascinating designs, Porsche Design eyewear is your new favourite accessory. The Porsche sunglasses are available in many styles and shapes to suit anyone's style. They offer some of the best sunglasses for men and women.
Functional and beautiful, the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche established this high-end designer brand to enter the fashion industry in 1972. Synonymous with luxury and impeccable taste, Porsche is the aspirational lifestyle brand of the century. As such, their eyewear is as flawless as their automotive design and shares the same daring nature and sleek finish. The Porsche P8478 is one of the most worn glasses designs in history, and Porsche has been chosen as a favourite by Yoko Ono on several records and magazines.

If you want to be a part of this world, look at our most popular models like the Porsche Design P8607 and the Porsche Design P8631. VisionDirect is the place to find Porsche Design sunglasses. Discover the frames that fit you best!

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