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Polaroid Sunglasses

Find your next and best pair of Polaroid glasses at Vision Direct.  


We believe that every pair of eyes should have the best quality eyewear, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to our collection of polarised sunglasses Australia. From supporting your eyesight to expressing your personality, we’re here to help you find your best pair of sunnies. 


Polaroid glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh glare from reflective surfaces like glass, water and even snow – the sunburn is real in snow country. It also helps with safety, believe it or not, especially when there’s glare while driving, helping to keep both drivers and pedestrians safe. We also often see Polaroid glasses being used by athletes to keep their vision sharp and uninterrupted. 


We love everything optical and have partnered with a range of quality brands and leading eyewear manufacturers to bring our customers a wide selection of Polaroid glasses to choose from. We know everyone is unique and that the style and flavour of your eyewear is an extension of you. That’s why we have stocked a varied collection of glasses for you to browse and choose from. 


At Vision Direct, we also know that budgets are as unique as style, and that’s why we offer our products for unbeatable prices without compromising quality.  


The best part about shopping with us is that you won’t just be helping yourself when you purchase a pair of glasses. We’re committed to making a global social impact and helping everyone achieve optimal vision. We have donated over $1,000,000 retail value worth of eyewear to visually-impaired individuals all over the world from under-resourced communities. So when you purchase a pair of glasses from Vision Direct, know that you’re also helping us help others.

Polaroid Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Polaroid glasses are treated with a chemical film that reduces how much glare passes horizontally through the lenses. Because it still lets in light vertically, it means you still have other waves of light to help you see clearly in well-lit situations. 


When sunlight strikes a surface at a particular angle, it typically reflects back at the same angle off whatever surface it hits. This is most common in roads where the sun is blazing; because roads are a flat horizontal surface, the sunlight will bounce off at a horizontal angle that can cause disturbing glare, which Polaroid lenses are designed to reduce.  


Because they are designed specifically to deal with glare, Polaroid eyewear can make it difficult to see clearly at night, so they wouldn’t typically be used when driving in the evening.  


Living down under, there’s no escaping the sun’s rays, especially in the long and sunny summer months. It’s important to keep yourself and others safe when you’re on the road or playing sports by achieving a clear vision when you’re out and about.  


The benefits of wearing Polaroid glasses start with reducing glare in the daytime and improving your eyesight as a result. Polaroid sunglasses can also reduce eye strain, help you see truer colour, and perceive the contrast between dark and light more accurately.  


The benefits of Polaroid glasses can be experienced when you’re out enjoying sports or leisure activities from being near the water, like boating, fishing or just at the beach, and even out on the snow if you’re into skiing or snowboarding. If you’re into winter sports, watch out for any icy patches on the snow, as the Polaroid lenses can make these patches harder to see.  


If you’re into sports, it might also be worth investing in a pair of wraparound sunglasses that have Polaroid lenses to ensure that you cut out as much glare from your line of vision as possible. 


It’s also good to bear in mind that because Polaroid glasses do cut out significant horizontal light waves if you’re driving with an LCD dashboard, you might struggle to see the dash clearly. They will also make it harder to see your smartphone screen, so ensure you keep this in mind and are prepared for taking them off as you need whilst driving. 

Want Polaroid glasses and need a prescription? No worries. As Australia’s largest online full-service optical shop, we’ve got you covered in this department.  


Because we like to be on the cutting edge of premium prescription lens development, our partner optical laboratory will customise lenses to your prescription, even with Polaroid glasses. You can select from a massive collection of designer Polaroid sunglasses and then have them customised to your prescription by our expert optical partners and laboratories.