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Purple lens color Polar Sunglasses



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Purple lens color Polar Sunglasses

Polar sunglasses are a brand well worth remembering. Not only do they provide an exceptionally stylish product, at exceptional value, but it's also extra functional. The clue is in the name. Take the Polar PL 116 for example. Not only can it be made to carry your exact prescription, but it is also polarized for your convenience.

Polar sunglasses online

The Polar PL POLAR SPORT is polarized too. So's the wraparound PL POLAR SPORT 5/S. Are you sensing a theme? Polar eyewear is polarized to stand up to glare even in intensely frustrating conditions. Glare is what happens when light hits something – especially something unpredictable yet reflective, like snow, ice, water and metal, etc – that wants to throw it right into your eyes at an obnoxious angle. Not only will it hurt if the exposure is bad enough, it will also be incredibly distracting for you. Glare can ruin a mountain trip just as easily as it can ruin a river run. Polarization is the magic bullet.

Polar sunglasses Australia

With a tiny little filter laid across the lenses, light is filtered out, if it's coming from an angle that would create glare. It's not that you suddenly get better at dealing with it when you wear Polar sunglasses. It's that you don't even have to bother dealing with it. The simple fact is glare is almost gone. You may never get it all – but the lingering remnants are an apt reminder about just how much you did get.

Carolina Herrera glasses are another brand well worth remembering. Plain black gives way to two-tone, and pink gives way to Brown Mocha Signature. With a variable palate and an exclusively luxurious range, Carolina Herrera eyeglasses combine form and function in a truly exciting way.
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