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Oxydo Sunglasses

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Oxydo Sunglasses

In short, Oxydo means a lot of cool sunglasses, for not a lot of money at all. Oxydo is a fast and clean way to cut through life, looking your best but never trying too hard. Oxydo gives 101%, and grows all the time, but never claims to give anymore than its continual best. It's one thing to boast, but another thing entirely to live up to a self-made legend. Oxydo knows the importance of consistency, reliability, and feeling fresh.

Oxydo sunglasses Australia

The avio olivia Oxydo OX1058 with grey lenses is a square throwback to the future. With the flat surfaces and effortless cool of times gone by, Oxydo is in fact not living in the past, it's living in a future of its very own design. It's a little bit counterculture, a little bit grime, a little bit messy, but the whole way sublime.

In brown crystal with brown lenses, it's dirtbiking across the desert. It's asking the tough questions, and holding the door open for strangers of any gender. It's extended summer holidays with cold drinks, and it's skateboarding to the cafe.

Oxydo sunglasses online

The Oxydo MAS QHC in matte black with grey blue mirror shaded lenses is another playful take on the square shape. With beautiful blue lenses, like staring into a perfect sunrise, every day can be a positive one. Whether it's off to basketball training, or to the architecture lecture – the school of criminal justice, or reading Horace in the library, no two days have to be the same, and no day ever has to be boring.

The Oxydo X-PREY is a powerful and captivating way of looking at the world. It's for the bodybuilder, or the bricklayer – the executive assistant or the pro-baller. In electric blue with azure shaded lenses, it's calm, collected, and goal oriented. In red, with brown shaded lenses, it's a little more action – a little more heated. People are in for a surprise, if they don't watch how you're treated.

Speaking of days not being boring, have you thought about some Ed Hardy sunglasses? This colourful and demonstrative range of tattoo art is perfect for your face, even though it's not permanent. With dragons, skulls and flowers, those with a penchant for symbolism will find something they never knew they desired.