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Oh My Woodness! Sunglasses

Everything about Oh My Woodness!

Let’s start with what Oh My Woodness is, what they are about and what their remarkable aim is. 

Oh My Woodness! is Vision Directs first wooden eyewear brand, made up of hand crafted wood frame glasses and wood frame sunglasses. The collection is inspired by the beauty of nature, and giving back to help save our environment. 


Vision Direct wanted to take the plunge to make a change. This was achieved by creating the most in demand, unique and diverse wooden frames yet, as well providing strong attention to detail with the quality of sunglasses, and saving the best until last, giving back to our environment. 


Any wooden frames of your choice that is purchased from the Oh My Woodness! collection will help plant crucially important trees in Haiti, Madagascar or Nepal, to combat deforestation and provide essential resources to some of the most vulnerable communities.


Vision Direct have proudly teamed up with the edenprojects.org to plant trees, and to make a positive impact in some of the most impoverished corners of the globe. Oh My Woodness! appreciate beauty as well as never forgetting their roots and where they came from, which is why it’s so important to them that they give back when they receive. 

Every frame within the wooden sunglasses collection has strong attention to detail provided for every frame. The wooden frames have been designed to transform natural wood and bamboo to a sophisticated form of eyewear.

How we consume and purchase is rapidly changing. It feels nice to treat yourself and to splash out and shop, but wouldn’t it feel ten times better knowing that you are shopping from a company that is consistently aiming to give back to the community and environment and making positive change instead of just receiving? This is the dream for Vision Direct, to give the more they receive and to collaborate with more established organizations to contribute to making a bigger impact on the human race, community and our environment. 


It’s easy to discover large businesses that are receiving, with little or no intention of giving back. Vision Direct believes that they, and we are a part of a bigger picture where we can all contribute and come together to make positive changes around the world. We all have one thing in common, and that’s the earth that we live on. – ‘’The greatest threat to our planet is that someone else will save it.’’ 


To find out more about how Vision Direct gives back to the community and what organizational collaborations are live now, take a look at their moving community page!


Why wood?

Manufacturing wood into wooden sunglasses necessitates far less energy than other materials used for glasses and products. Wood also consumes very little fossil fuel energy. Most of the used energy comes from converting remaining bark and sawdust to electrical and thermal energy, adding to wood's light carbon footprint over any other material. Overall, making wood frames helps reduce climate change when it is used over other more stubborn, energy-intensive materials.


Want to add some excitement to your sunglasses collection and are looking for a unique pair of frames that nobody else has? Oh My Woodness! are the ones! Not only are they better for the environment, but they withhold their own unique and diverse status. If you love to stand out for the right reasons, love authenticity, and want to be yourself then the Oh My Woodness! collection is calling your name. 

The minimalist feel of these glasses are great for anyone who loves simplicity. It’s pretty straight forward, they’re fashionable, high quality wooden sunglasses that have a purpose of helping the planet, it’s an all-round win-win situation! 


Wooden sunglasses aren’t just frames that the world seems to love, but the wooden sunglasses Australia loves. The Oh My Woodness! collection offers the most in trend style frames, such as the famous cat eyes, pilots, ovals, rectangle, square and even wrap arounds. These frames have been specifically selected for all collections as they’re the most in demand and trending pieces. You can purchase your perfect wooden frames knowing that they have ticked all of the boxes, style wise, quality wise and environmental wise. There really isn’t a single flaw within the Oh My Woodness! collection. 


Overall, the Oh My Woodness! collection provides a unique range of women and  men’s wooden sunglasses, they’re a unisex collection and there is a perfect pair of wooden frames for everyone.  The irresistible wood frame sunglasses are perfect if you’re on the hunt to grab a meaningful gift for a friend or loved one. 

The intentions and deep meaning behind the Oh My Woodness! collection is one of a kind. If you have someone in mind that’s a lover of the environment or are trying to discover more eco-friendly brands, then our Oh My Woodness! collection is perfect for them. 

Vision Direct are renowned to provide the best wooden sunglasses Australia has yet. With deep meaning, high quality and pristine trends, you’ll have everything you need, whether it’s a gift for a loved one or for yourself. 


Once you’ve found your perfect pair, we recommend you try out our virtual try on tool so you can dive deep and try on your new frames virtually with Vision Directs advanced technologies! 


We know you’ll love Oh My Woodness! as much as everyone else does!