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Oakley Sunglasses

The most advanced Oakley Sports Sunglasses yet

Are you stuck with trying to find the most exceptional and developed sports sunglasses? Rest assured, you’ll be able to find the most modern Oakley sunglasses for the best price yet, with VisionDirect. There’s no need to continue your search anywhere else, it’s all right here!


Oakley is a brand that provides premium sports eyeglasses and sunglasses. Their most in-demand products are their 10/10 sports sunnies, which all sports enthusiasts can’t seem to get enough of. 


What makes Oakley the best of the rest? Their sunglasses in particular have achieved to make vision crystal clear. The Oakley frames are all made with premium materials, meaning that all sports sunglasses come without the irritating pressure and discomfort that your average sports frames give.


Which Oakley sunglasses should I get?

There are several Oakley frame types for you to choose from, however, we’re going to narrow it down to the most demanded by customers.


First things first, the Oakley Holbrook. These Oakley sunglasses for men have been rated the best yet by the majority of wearers. What makes them the best? All factors. This touches first, on the style of the frames. The styles are made to be universal as well as productive for all sports. Most sports sunglasses are pretty cool to wear, but for all occasions and every day? Customers tend to think not.


This is what makes the Oakley Holbrook diverse from any other sports sunglasses. You’ll be able to find the sleekest and dynamic styles, such as the original and timeless wayfarer shapes. 


Followed by style, you’ll have category 3 protective lenses which will provide you with highly reduced sun glare, and a strong level of UV protection against the sun and brightness. If you’re looking for a bit of everything, then the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are the ones for you!


Next in line is the Oakley Portal X Sunglasses. What’s so loved about these advanced sunnies, is that they come with a lustrous and slim frame, as well as wrap-around arms that lightly hug the face. These Oakley sunglasses are great if you’re looking to hike or take an adventure to the beach. 


As well as a slim frame and a light grip to the face, the Oakley Portal X Sunglasses have been finely made with category 3 UV protection, which is one of the best for irritating sun glare. 


Last but not least we have the bad to the bone Oakley Split Shot Sunglasses. It’s simple and straight to the point, if you’re looking for sports sunglasses that have been made for all proactive activities, then you have your collection right here.


The main features of these Oakley sunglasses have to be the wrap-around arms, and most importantly the steel leash that will give you the option of having your sunglasses on, or off. These really are the best sunglasses for all intense sporting activities. 


The Oakley Split Shot sunglasses also come with the finest and softest nose pads to increase frame retention. 


Some of the Split Shot Oakley sunglasses come with polarized lenses, which will overall provide you with sharper vision, reduced glare/reflection, and decreased eye strain.


How to check original Oakley sunglasses

When trying to find the best designer frames online, you may come across some low-quality counterfeits. We will now go through the key factors to consider when checking your Oakley sunglasses.


The first pointer to take into consideration is the pricing. There’s no truer saying than “if it’s too good to be true.” If you have found your dream Oakley’s for an abnormally low price, then the likelihood is that they may not be originals.


All original designer sunglasses such as Oakley’s should come with a certificate of authenticity. If you notice anything that immediately stands out or looks unusual about any certification from your sunglasses, then this is something to be aware of. Some counterfeiter also send a warranty card or fake certification, in replace of the certificate of authenticity. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t ‘look right’, such as the packaging.


Another point is incorrect spelling on purchased sunglasses. Most ‘knock-off’ products have slightly different spelling or logos, sometimes almost identical. This is another point to take into consideration if you feel like you have purchased fake sunglasses or products online.


Overall, if you purchase your Oakley frames from VisionDirect, you won’t have to have one single doubt. All of the frames are 100% authentic and will come with all of the certifications you need. 


Does Oakley have prescription sunglasses?

The answer is, yes! We’re happy to say that the Oakley sunglasses can have personal prescriptions added to them at VisionDirect. Not only will you be able to sport to the best of your ability no matter the occasion, but you’ll also have the comfort of knowing you can perform and go on any daily venture with your prescriptions added to your Oakley sunglasses.

Want to purchase NOW but don’t have your prescription with you? We’ll always have your back! Download VisionDirects advanced and FREE lens scanner app, that reveals your prescription in a matter of minutes!

All of the frames at VisionDirect come with the best price guaranteed, so you can shop with ease, knowing that the frames you’re purchasing are the best price yet. All frames at VisionDirect have a 100 day returns policy. Get shopping to find your dream pair of Oakley sports sunglasses today!

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