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Black lens color Nina Ricci Sunglasses

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    Black lens color Nina Ricci Sunglasses

    Nina Ricci

    Nina Ricci is chic for a hard worker. With flawless and glossy complexions, and pleasant shapes and proportions, Nina Ricci totally allays concerns and puts issues to rest. It marches on, working as hard as it can at doing what it loves. Everything else is down to the universe. But as long as it works hard and looks good, every real eventuality is spoken for – because eventually, something remarkable has to happen.

    Wearing good eyewear in a business sense is just the same as having a good haircut, or having a nicely made outfit. Proportions, colour, and general construction all play a big part. Let's examine the Nina Ricci NR 3253 in black with grey lenses. The full acetate rim and the ruggedly elegant hinged temple add an element of pride to this bold design. With an attitude that won't back down and a glossy finish to match, this Nina Ricci eyewear is the pinnacle of strong glamour.

    Nina Ricci Australia

    In blue brown it's slightly offbeat, but it's just the right brown to make it work. Those who still say brown and blue can never work are either stuck in the past or simply unimaginative. Nina Ricci did the research and the design legwork, and have conclusively proved with this stunning little number that in fact blue and brown can be very cool. Especially if it's a lovely cinnamon brown and a dark blueberry blue. It's sensory, as well as just plain fun.

    Speaking of chic for a hard worker, Banana Republic glasses really embody what it means to be a hard working person with a penchant for looking good. Because first impressions last, and the little things count. In a time where your brand is your biggest asset, presentation and framing of that asset is paramount. Say hello, Banana Republic eyewear.