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Grey lens color Missoni Sunglasses


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Grey lens color Missoni Sunglasses

Missoni belongs in the Smithsonian. Such a beacon of art must qualify as knowledge. Firmly anchored in the now, but clearly inspired by future events, the exciting Missoni MI 724 tries to put old issues to rest and live more fluidly in the now. It's a goal that takes some getting used to, but it is a worthwhile one to pursue. With earthy tones and a woody scent, this effervescent piece of natural history seems like when it talks, it should be quoted in the newspaper.

Missoni sunglasses online

In black, it's cooler. More megastar concert than cool cat conservationist – but that doesn't mean you hate the environment. Everybody does things in different ways, and it's generally accepted that the more respected a person is, the more seriously they are taken. Why not, then, become huge before you start talking? Who is this superstar? What is her message? Nobody's really sure, but we know she's here to stay.

In red tortoise with brown shaded lenses, the decorated temples are a cool addition. Are they adorned with knick-knacks, keepsakes, or war medals? They are representative of what you decide they are. That is one of the strengths of good design. It is at once both a mouthpiece for your exact belief system, and an established codex. How did it know what you knew before you knew you knew it? Well, you were on to a good thing.

Missoni sunglasses Australia

In tortoise with grey shaded lenses, the Missoni MI 765 is like taking it back to arts and crafts. This little artifact is kicking it so old school it's not even funny. What's even better, is that people love it. There has never been a better time to be expressive.

While we're on the subject of natural beauty and knowledge, have you heard of Alviero Martini glasses? Nicely made and exquisitely styled, this Alviero Martini eyewear is firmly rooted in the quest to know more and be better.
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