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LMNT Sunglasses

The LMNT range is exclusively created for the sleekest and classiest looks. LMNT was born for ultimate fashionistas, the independent, fierce and trendsetting modern individual who aims to stand out from the crowd at all costs. The LMNT collection has frames that have solely been created to be the statement piece of an outfit. The frames speak louder than words, so you can be sure that you’ll be turning heads wherever you are with frames from this collection.


If you’re looking for the most up to date fashion sunglasses online, then you’ve come to the right place. LMNT eliminated the idea of plain-jane sunglasses, they’re no fun at all! The collection was born to be wild and to make other trendsetters feel the same. Not only will you feel ten out of ten ready for any given occasion, but you’ll look fire too! 


All of the LMNT frames have that ‘driving off into the sunset with a drop-top car, where your neck scarf miraculously falls off into the wind’ vibe. We all need those feelings in our life! The collection shows that size doesn’t matter. No matter whether your frames are little or large, they can both portray such a powerful message. The LMNT collection has a perfect range from petit stylish sunglasses, to chunky and funky vintage sunglasses, really going the extra mile to provide every fashionista with the perfect range to start a trendy collection, all for a cost-effective price. 


There are endless cheap sunglasses online, with an endless number of competitors. What differentiates LMNT from everyone else is that they haven’t compromised fashion for one second. Most cheap sunglasses online always come with a catch, but not here! You can relax knowing that your frames are the most up to date, most in demand and trendy sunglasses, as well as not breaking the bank. 


Bad to the bone Cat Eye

Embrace your inner '50s feels and get yourself a pair of Cat Eye sunglasses! Premium, well established designer brands have been loving the Cat Eye look, which is why they’re now fitting in with the eyewear industries most favourite frames. She’s new to the pack, but she’s slaying all of the other frames. Cat Eye sunglasses have been seen best on Ariana Grande who can’t seem to get enough of them. They’ve been seen on her so regularly that we may as well just dedicate them to her! The Cat Eye frames are the most up-to-date and freshest of them all. 


The new kinda’ Oval 

Ok, so we’re all familiar with your average oval shape, but LMNT have even topped geometry! Who knew it was even possible…? The LMNT oval range comes in the sexiest oval shapes. They’ve created a more minimal, sleeker and fresher approach, in contrast to your average oval pair. If you’re a lover of festivals and outside events, LMNT have provided the coolest ‘slip them in your pocket’ little vintage sunglasses, all accompanied with quirky tinted lenses to really give off those ‘I’m so rare’ feels. 


‘’I never go ANYWHERE without my lip-gloss’’

The quote says it all, now try to imagine what kind of frames we were talking about…I’m sure you already have an idea. What a throwback the LMNT rectangle sunglasses are! This range is bringing in the 2000’s Lizzie Mcquire vibes, literally every American dream idol back in the noughties had worn shades like this, and now they’re coming back around like an ageless boomerang! If you’re looking for timeless, fun, stylish sunglasses, then the ‘take back’ rectangles are the ones for you.


Chunky but Funky

The atmosphere has completely changed, now we’re getting serious. Quote number two, ‘"You sold your soul to the devil when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choos. ...’’ That’s right, nothing says The Devil Wears Prada more than the square chunky range within the LMNT collection! Sometimes talking isn’t needed when you have fashion pieces that can do the talking for you…

The chunky square pieces really do speak a thousand words. They speak the language of sass, as well as giving you the Parisian feels, followed by a big faux-fur coat, some knee-high boots and a daring red lip. The chunky square pieces come in a range of toasty tortoiseshell and blacker than black. You can be assured with these stylish sunglasses that you’ve got the classiest frames of them all. 


Overall, the LMNT collection comes in the most wanted shapes of oval, rectangle, square, geometric and cat eye to ensure you are only provided with the latest, and the best of the best. This is the perfect collection if you love to stand out, have your own unique vibe going on and love to be daring when it comes to your fashion. The LMNT range is its own fashion, a new trend where there's a pair for every fashion lover. 


When you buy sunglasses online with VisionDirect, your journey doesn’t end at finding the perfect frames. You can check out the ingenious Virtual Try-On tool where you can try-on as many sunnies as you wish, virtually! No ques, no fuss, no pressure. If you’d like a more in depth look at what frames will suit you and your face shape best, we also have the popular Face Shape Guide.


Fashion is art and you are the canvas. It’s your birthright to feel powerful and confident, so treat yourself to a LMNT pair now, or even better, the collection is perfect for shopping for a friend or loved one. 

These are the sunglasses online Australia loves, and we know you’ll love LMNT as much as everyone else!