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Purple lens color Karl Lagerfeld Sunglasses



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Purple lens color Karl Lagerfeld Sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld eyewear is a special kind of eyewear indeed. It's what a lot of other sunglasses aspire to be. It's a smooth combination of suave and cool, as well as a seemingly impossible mix of retro and contemporary. It's vintage, but somehow still avant-garde. It has been around the block, and seen some things – but it's still totally impressionable. It's dynamic and stoic at the same time. Flexible but strong. Karl Lagerfeld eyewear dazzles in its simplistic intellectualism. It's not just modern, it's pre-postmodern too.

Lagerfeld sunglasses

Action hero, or economic theorist? What matters isn't so much the nature of the activity, but rather the mental acuity that goes into it. The emotional expense of consistent excellence. The output. The oversize Karl Lagerfeld KL 744 in blue with grey lenses is a neutral yet affecting screen. But not a screen that masks – a screen that amplifies. It amplifies honesty, and amplifies dishonesty. It's not just a way to be better, it's a way to assess the competition too.

Karl Lagerfeld online

In grey with grey gradient lenses it's more chilled out and luxurious. It does not impose the same moral duty towards excellence. It evokes instead a rock solid optimism, spread over a longer timeframe. This Karl Lagerfeld eyewear reflects the fact that everything will be okay, given enough time. There's no need to go for broke right now. Quality endures.

Safilo sunglasses are what sunglasses generally aspire to be, but in a different way. They really show off an effortless cool, rather than an effortless flair. If there's nothing going on, that's perfectly intentional. Not intentionally boring – intentionally intriguing. Design doesn't need to pop to be beautiful. It just needs to work.
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