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Silver lens color Juicy Couture Sunglasses

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    Silver lens color Juicy Couture Sunglasses

    Juicy Couture is such a visual treat, you may as well be looking at the wares of a bakery. Perhaps even a delicatessen. Maybe it's the finest fruit store in the world, with the softest and sweetest plums and the ripest peaches. The most lovely watermelons, and even a Granny Smith or two.

    Juicy Couture has that not often seen ability to put an idea right into someone's mind. That ability to translate picture into feeling – thing into response. Design into appreciation. That is what this range is. A showcase of well constructed and well designed work. A range that makes you go anxious at the tongue, a range that simultaneously appeals to the eyes and to the mouth. A range, in effect, that's juicy enough to eat.

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    The Juicy Couture Hipster S is a piece of cherry or watermelon candy. Nobody can be sure, the colours could represent anything. All we know is Juicy Couture calls this colour setup CZ3 Y7. Well, indeed. The lenses are a bit more hospitable in pink horn green, and the whole thing gives a very “peace" oriented look. That could also be to do with the massive peace sign on the temples. We'll leave that one out to the universe.

    The Juicy Couture Create S is the perfect milkshake. It's coffee and caramel blended together with just enough ice to go down smooth. Or maybe it's chocolate and toffee, with a tiny caramel kick. Maybe there's real caramel sauce on top. And maybe that comes standard with whipped cream.

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    The Juicy Couture The Beau S model in EV4 YY is like puppy dogs and rainbows come true. It's like a permanent state of play. Of course, that can't be the way of life every day. Without challenge there is no fulfillment. But it sure is nice to pretend. To pretend that unicorns will descend at any moment and start handing out chocolate eclairs. To pretend that Christmas can be every day. Whatever the reality, take it to bits with Juicy Couture.

    If you're not quite sold on the Juicy Couture, but it definitely comes close, then maybe – just maybe – you would like to browse and buy Just Cavalli sunglasses online. We ship free, and Just Cavalli does have some amazing models to choose from. It's just an option, but we are all about options.