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Metal Gucci Sunglasses


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Metal Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses are amongst the most on-trend designers in the world. Based in the most fashionable city on the planet, Florence, Gucci has been at the forefront of cutting edge design for over 100 years and their latest selection of sunglasses, prescription glasses and kids glasses clearly show why. The history of Gucci is a study of the rich and the luxurious. It’s founder, Guccio Gucci, spent years working in high-end hospitality gigs paying very close attention to what the very rich and the very famous enjoyed when it came to things like their luggage patterns and textures, the fabrics and cut of their clothes and the travelling conditions at famous hotels like Savoy and European rail companies that frequently ferried royalty across the continent. Then he went away and started making things like handbags that he thought these people would like. The result has been a century of stunning design in some of the finest fabrics and materials money could buy and the range of Gucci sunglasses is no exception.


Where to buy Gucci sunglasses


When you shop for Gucci sunglasses at Vision Direct, you’re shopping online amongst one of the largest selections of designer eyewear in Australia. Rather than a shopfront, we have designed our process for buying women’s glasses and women’s sunglasses, men’s glasses and men’s sunglasses, all online. You can use our virtual try-on tools called our ‘Selfie View’ to check exactly what any of our available style of glasses will actually look like on you. Take the guesswork out of choosing whether those beautiful black framed round sunglasses really suit your face shape by simply uploading a selfie of yourself and selecting the Gucci sunglasses you love the most. We’ll complete a composite of the style of sunglasses with your selfie pic and show you exactly how fabulous you’ll look wearing them.


When it comes to Gucci sunglasses, you’re looking at some of the most dramatic and exciting styles of sunglasses available. Nobody does old-world European money and style quite like this signature Italian brand and amazingly they seem to be able to merge the world of high art and drama with the world of speed and excess with stunning finesse. Gucci sunglasses can be dramatic cat-eye style with a sweeping thick frame, or they can be wire framed square aviators.


This is great news for anyone who loves Gucci styling because it means that these visionary designers have a style of sunnies that will suit absolutely everyone. When you go shopping for your new pair of glasses, whether they’re polarised sunglasses or blue light glasses for wearing while you’re using electronic devices, some general design rules will steer you toward buying a flattering frame and lens style each and every time.


The first rule has to do with the shape of your face and it’s a rather simple one: always by a frame style that is the exact opposite of your natural face shape. This means that if you have a square face – which is someone whose face is the same width at the jawline as it is at the forehead – then you don’t want square sunglasses, often popular amongst Dragon design. Ideally, what you should consider looking at it is round sunglasses which help to soften your face rather than emphasise your natural angles.


Round Gucci sunglasses are available in a range of lens sizes including oversize sunglasses. Oversize sunglasses are the quintessential design loved and adored by women all over the world and they never fail to bring a sense of timeless beauty and classic styling, no matter who’s wearing them. Team them with a broad hat and silk scarf for something understated yet stunning, old-world yet always on-trend. If your face is more rounded, you can add dimension and dynamics by choosing from Gucci frames like Gucci GG0022S 001, Gucci GG0141S 001 and Gucci GG0102S. 001


Aviator sunglasses were first popularised by pilots in the 1940’s. The simple wire frame and dark lenses were strong and masculine once upon a time but now they're amongst the most popular styles in the unisex range and the simple reason is that they suit almost every face shape and they look as cool now as they did more than half a century ago. Gucci sunglasses have also played with this ultra-classic style, delivering their own unique twist in that signature Gucci way. If you’re looking for a thinner frame and an edgier look then this style may be the next perfect pair of sunglasses for you.


It’s not just the world of Italian fashion houses that you’ll find available to buy online at Vision Direct, either. We have included all of the best and most popular brands and designers including Ray-Ban and Calvin Klein among hundreds more. Whether you’re looking for square metal sunglasses with a strong urban feel or gentler and more dramatic oversize acetate sunglasses in a light lens, we have a selection of styles ready and waiting.


Using our virtual try-on tools you can even see how your new pair of Gucci sunglasses will look before you buy them. Simply select ‘Selfie View’ when you want to see how a particular lens and frame style will look on your own face and upload a photo of yourself to our website. We’ll merge our Gucci sunglasses onto your selfie so you can see straight away whether you think the cut of the frame, the colour of the lens or the size of the sunglasses are going to look as amazing as you imagined. You can try this for any of our available styles from all of our designers including Emporio Armani, Versace and Oakley, among many more.


If you’re looking for prescription sunglasses, then using our virtual try-on tools are the perfect way to really see how a pair of glasses will look on your face. Often when we’re trying on new frames, we have to do so in a store with someone that we know who can see more clearly than you can when you’re not wearing your glasses. Now, however, using our virtual try-on tool you can actually see a crisp, clear and perfect image of yourself wearing any of our available styles because you no longer need to slip your glasses off to try a new pair on. You enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home and taking as long as you like browsing our complete range of Gucci sunglasses as well as new arrivals and classic styles from designers like Ralph Lauren and Thom Browne.


When you have found the perfect pair of Gucci sunglasses, you’ll not only get the best possible price on your chosen frames, but you can also use Afterpay at the checkout. Afterpay is the revolutionary way to buy the things you want right now and worry about paying for them later. With Afterpay, buy your new pair of Gucci sunglasses immediately – as either polarised sunglasses for regular wear or with a prescription lens – and then comfortably pay for your new frames over four fortnightly payments.


Start shopping online for Gucci sunglasses right now and upload a selfie to see just how stunning the greats of Italian fashion can make you look wearing their range of designer sunglasses.

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