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Yellow lens color Givenchy Sunglasses

Givenchy is a luxury French brand known for its haute couture clothing, delicate fragrances and stunning accessories. Every item exudes extravagance and style, and the range of Givenchy glasses is no exception.

The Givenchy sunglasses collection is refined, elegant and modern. Each pair is made from high-quality materials, including metal and premium acetate, to provide durability, comfort and style. Givenchy glasses come in a range of quirky, unique and eye-catching designs, shapes and colours. The frames are truly innovative, and it’s hard to find anything else like them! If you want your glasses to get you noticed, a pair of Givenchy sunglasses is what you’re after!

With an eclectic range of Givenchy sunglasses for men and for women, there is something for everyone’s style and taste. From cat-eye to oval, butterfly to round, there are endless designs for you to choose from. You can be bold with oversized chunky plastic frames or go for a more elegant round metal frame.

Our picks for the best Givenchy Sunglasses on Vision Direct:

  1. Givenchy GV 7061/S

  2. Givenchy GV 7061/S

  3. Givenchy SGV 817M

When you buy a pair of Givenchy sunglasses at Vision Direct, you will receive FREE worldwide shipping, a hassle-free 100-day returns policy, 24-month warranty and a price match guarantee. Our Givenchy glasses are guaranteed 100% authentic and our exchange and return policy makes it easy to swap or refund your purchase.

What are you waiting for? Shop for a pair of Givenchy sunglasses today!
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