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Brown lens color Etro Sunglasses

Etro eyewear invokes some wonderful colour schemes and fantastic palettes, in combination with big shapes, to communicate an unstoppable attitude.

Etro sunglasses Australia

Take for example the Etro SE 9556. With wide lenses, elongated even further by space left between their edge and the temple, these Etro sunglasses really take the bull by the horns. If some eyewear is dreamy and passive, Etro eyewear is grounded and active. With searing hot orange, these Etro sunglasses are sure to burn themselves into your memory and the collective consciousness, while simultaneously protecting your eyes from searing UV rays. Big, orange, safe. What could be better?

The Etro SE9591is a black and blue giant. With lenses that seem to reach from here to infinity, and a deep galactic colour scheme, it's an invocation of the unknown at the same time as it's an invitation to the throne. Its big single lens design with blue top bar communicates a mercurial and pensive attitude, but also the ability to keep up and not get lost in a crowd.

Etro sunglasses online

For the ultimate in luxury, check out the Etro 9619. In dazzling gold with gold lenses, it's not a big stretch to see this model lying on the beach, working on a tan, thinking there is no place better on earth. With big temples that taper off into little ends, this Etro eyewear is a subtle meditation on keeping modest when it really matters, even with a big attitude. The two are compatible – we just need to figure out how.

John Varvatos glasses are all about attitude as well. With big frames to tell the world about a big attitude, and small frames to let you do the talking instead, consider John Varvatos glasses for your vision correction needs, if you appreciate with Etro eyewear can offer. They're not that different, after all.
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