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Escada Sunglasses

Escada mixes the known with the unknown – the seen with the unseen – and the result is a range of sunglasses that not only surprise, but also deeply satisfy our innate urge to see innovation. It's new, it's shiny, but it's also well researched and constructed. The ideas are fresh, but they don't over-reach – and the shapes are cool, without trying too hard.

Escada sunglasses online

The Escada SES228 is a classic cat eye with lovely temples and a golden hinge on each side just to reinforce lavishness. It's dark and can be brooding, but ultimately looks on the sunny side in an attempt to get the most out of life. If it can be down in the dumps sometimes, it always manages to come right – because good design will always win the day.

Escada sunglasses Australia

The Escada ES626 is the ultimate in single lens sunglasses. Without a divider above the bridge, this is one of few models that actually boasts a single continuous lens, not unlike some kind of visor. The usual single lens effect is completely amplified by an uninterrupted facial flow – the eyes are framed from start to finish in a layer of total dedication that says: I'm not only watching you – I'm watching everything. All the time. Seriously.

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