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Grey lens color Emilio Pucci Sunglasses



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Grey lens color Emilio Pucci Sunglasses

Emilio Pucci sunglasses are just incredibly cool. There's not really any better way to say it. With circles, chains, stars, cut-outs and outrageous colours all combining to give a fun impression, there is no denying the deeper underling implication – some serious design went into all this. Some seriously gifted design indeed.

Pucci sunglasses

The Emilio Pucci EP 623SR is a flawless combination of blacks and whites – enough to make you see stars. With a white stellar design over some big black circles and a black gradient lens coming down to a lighter bottom, the overall effect is a balanced and gorgeous approach to contrast and brightness. With stunning hook temples that really capture the imagination, this Emilio Pucci eyewear may just redefine captivating.

Pucci sunglasses online

For a more classic look, albeit still a fun one, check out the Emilio Pucci EP 628S. With purple lenses and multicolour striped temples, it radiates an essence of playfulness and joy, no matter the time or place.

If squiggles and radical design appeal to the stylist in you, then don't forget to check out the Emilio Pucci EP 111S model. With edged lenses in a rounded rim, and temples going in multiple different directions, the use of space is a prominent design feature in this peach coloured little joy. Did we mention we ship for free?

Kiss&Kill glasses are the same kind of deal. They can do stoic, or they can do dynamic. They can be passive, or they can be active. Whether you want all the colours of the rainbow, or the darkest black on the planet, Kiss&Kill has all the hallmarks of an emotionally expressive design range. With glasses they say it's party time, but also glasses for all kinds of solemn occasions, let Kiss&Kill handle your corrective eyewear needs, if you like what Emilio Pucci sunglasses can offer you.
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