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DRAGON Sunglasses

Dragon sunglasses came to life in a garage at Capo Beach, California in 1993. Founded by Will Howard, the idea was to create a brand that could be synonymous with fast-paced sports such as snowboarding, surfing and dirt bike racing. What they set out to accomplish was a brand that was durable and could withstand the pressures of high-end activity. Dragon sunglasses are more than the standard wearables, these have been designed to last you through the tough times while giving you the protection from the sun that is required.


In designing their glasses, Dragon has relied on customer feedback. They actively take on board what people are asking for and make changes accordingly, after all, it is their customers that know what they want the most. As they have been made to suit a purpose, rather than to just look good, Dragon sunglasses are manufactured with ideas in mind. Many of their glasses are floatable, which is perfect for wearing in the water at the beach. Being floatable they won't sink and cause problems for marine life.


Dragon eyewear is available at an accessible price point, starting from just $69 up until around $375. They can be an excellent choice for everyday wear that doesn’t break the bank or ruin your weekend away. They have been available in Australia for many years and have established themselves as a brand of a younger generation. If you’re looking for a pair of fashionable but ultimately usable eyewear, you’d be hard-pressed to go past the functionality and overall high performance of Dragon Alliance sunglasses.


At Vision Direct we have almost 200 styles of Dragon sunglasses, we carry all their major styles including their snow goggles (perfect for hitting the slopes in winter). The Dragon brand styles we have available are, Inflictor, Remix, The Jam, The Verse, Domo, Baile, Monarch and many others.


When choosing your new sunglasses consider the lens and frame style. Ideally, you’d go for something that speaks to you, many people start with the lens colour and then choose the frame material, and frame colour. However, if you know the Dragon brand well, then going straight for the style you like is often easiest.

What Are Dragon Sunglasses Suitable For?


In their focus on providing sun protection for active people, Dragon have relied on advice and comments from people that excel at the sports they represent. Taking account of what these people need in eyewear has allowed them to develop many new technologies, such as plant-based frames, their ever-popular frameless snow goggles, and floatable glasses that suit the lifestyles of these extreme athletes.


Even though Dragon sunglasses have been designed and are targeted towards people who lead active lives, this doesn’t mean they are void of any sense of style. Everyone likes to wear sunglasses that are fashionable, and this is where Dragon excels as well. Their sunglasses simply look good. They’re comfortable and lightweight, you can wear them all day in all sorts of activities without causing you any problems.


Dragon sunglasses have been designed to take a beating. As they’re usually won and targeted towards active people, they need to be resistant to being knocked off and falling about. Many of their sunglasses are floatable and that suits people who like to work, and play, around large bodies of water. If you’re into boating, fishing, swimming, or surfing, you know how good it is to have a floating pair of sunglasses for those times they get knocked off your face by a few killer waves.


For people who like to spend time outside, sunglasses are a part of your kit that you shouldn’t go without. Your eyes are susceptible to the effects of the sun in the same way, that the sun can affect your skin, only by wearing appropriate eyewear can you limit your exposure. If the glare from the sun is affecting your ability to see properly you can look for polarised sunglasses, and Dragon has many of these available. These are perfect for fishing as it greatly reduces the reflection on the water and helps you see where everything is resting in the water, just waiting for you!

Are Dragon Sunglasses Suitable for Men?


Men’s sunglasses are the main component of Dragon sunglasses. They have many varieties and you can find something suitable quite easily. If you have never worn their sunglasses before, you can use the Vision Direct virtual try-on experience to see if the glasses are suitable for your face. It is a simple process that uses a video to show you how the glasses will look on your face. This can be a great idea if you are buying them as a present, just remember to be sneaky in getting the video of your victim! As we have 100-day returns available if they don’t exactly like the ones you selected, they are easily returned to our store, so you don’t need to worry too much about them not liking what you choose.


Are Dragon Sunglasses Suitable for Women?


Dragon doesn’t have many specifically marked ‘women’s sunglasses’, but that does not mean that women can’t wear them! The sunglasses have been designed for active people, so if you're active and you enjoy looking good while out in the sun, then these can be the perfect sunglasses for you.


At Vision Direct we have marked several styles specifically for women and these are sunglasses that fit in with what other brands, such as Gucci sunglasses and Versace sunglasses, have deemed suitable for women. But realistically we know that women and men can wear anything they like. If it suits your personal tastes, then we say go for it!


Where to Buy Dragon Sunglasses?


The best place to buy Dragon sunglasses is at Vision Direct, your online eyewear store. We have access to a huge variety of sunglasses and prescription glasses, so you can find anything you need and with our online price beat guarantee (which is available for up to 14 days after your purchase) you can be certain that you are going to get an excellent price on your new glasses.


Although Dragon sunglasses are perfect for the outdoors, if you’re finding your eyes are getting tired from the computer or phone screens, It may be a good idea to bundle your purchase with a pair of high quality blue light glasses. These can help protect you from potentially harmful artificial blue light. You can pick these up for a relatively low price, so why not give them a try? Just add zFORT™ blue light block to any eyeglasses during the checkout process.


In addition to sunglasses, Vision Direct is your premium stockist for all your prescription needs. We have styles that suit everyone in the family, have a look at our kids glasses, men’s glasses and women’s glasses. We are a recognized optical online dispenser by Medibank and Bupa, so you can claim your health rebate on prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses.


We offer free shipping on all purchases over $99, all in-stock items are shipped from our store within 2 days and delivery takes around 2-3 days. If your item is not in stock it may take a few extra days to receive it from our suppliers. We accept AfterPay and most major credit cards for purchases.