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Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar takes its science very seriously. Costa Del Mar also takes its design and aesthetic considerations very seriously. What results, then, is seriously cool. It's a range of luxury sunglasses that looks like it could genuinely pass for jewelry. With deep, riveting blues, and fantastic hot golds, penetrating, forward thinking greens – dusky ambers and smokey greys – Costa Del Mar eyewear is all about options.

It's always refreshing to hear of a sunglass brand which actually uses glass these days, but it's even more refreshing to hear of one that uses both glass and polycarbonate – just to offer you the choice. Basically, it boils down to how tough you want them to be, versus how you want the world to look exactly, versus desired scratch resistance. You don't just have to pick your own makeup, you get to.

Costa Del Mar sport sunglasses

The Cocos Polarized is a a vast lake, or a clear blue ocean on a bright fine day. It's going sailing just for sailing's sake, or it's going sailing because this is the one chance you get per year. It's fishing with the boys like you do every Tuesday, or it's your one fishing vacation a year. Whether you have leisure time going begging, or you have to steal it, what's important is you feel your best.

Costa Del Mar Australia

With the blue glass lenses, mirrored and polarized, and the gold frames, it really does look like something from the future. It looks like somebody spent 20 years hunched over a design bench trying to create 'the one'. But it's not, and that didn't happen, and thankfully we have it here and now. The brown arms don't contrast with the blue, they enhance it via the gold. This is a well thought out design executed with plenty of clarity.

The Costa Del Mar Cut Polarized model has big lenses, for a big wrap-around effect. There's no light sneaking in here. Even if it did, it wouldn't get far.

The difference between the 400 and the 580 lenses has to do with the science of light. The 400 eliminates glare at 400 nanometers. But the 580 takes that up a step to (mostly) eliminate yellow light altogether, meaning not only a reduction in glare but enhanced saturation and better definition.

It's our mission to bring designer glasses to the consumer at a fair price. Nobody deserves to be priced out of the eyewear market, and these are precepts we see through to the point of sale. At Vision Direct, you can trust you're always getting the best deal possible.