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Chopard Sunglasses

Chopard sunglasses are so cool they could freeze the sun. If you think about it, that is a little bit like what they do. They use their calm composure and awesome design to nullify everything the big ball of radiation and interference wants to throw at us, and they do it with style. They take a real thrashing, in wavelengths we can't even see, and they always live to fight another day. And they uphold an image of effortless luxury. Now that's cool.

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The Chopard SCH084 is a polarized model that deserves a lot of recognition. Not only is it beautiful and svelte, with a creamy caramel and tortoise-like colour scheme, but it actually goes one step further than most pairs of sunglasses. With a polarization filter in place, it doesn't just block out harmful UV. It actually blocks out glare, too.

The science behind that one is pretty cool. This Chopard eyewear incorporates a layer of filtration, on a microscopic level, that serves to block out any little piece of light that doesn't come in on the right angle. When we see glare, we're really seeing something that is bouncing light at an angle our eyes find annoying.

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Water, ice, metal and glass are especially bad because their structure gives rise to reflections from changing and moving angles, which are already sometimes formulated strangely. If we think about a moving ocean, or an accumulation of snow – light will not exactly bounce off such things in a uniform and easy to manage fashion. The result? Glare.

Glare undercuts enjoyment and puts a strain on our vision. But luckily, as is the case with the Chopard SCH084, this can all be done away with by polarization. Simply layer a really tiny filter over the lenses, and light that isn't awesome simply gets thrown back, never to make it to our eyes.

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