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Bloc Sunglasses

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Bloc Sunglasses

If there is a brand whose vision is perfect and nothing but, it’s Bloc. They established their operations in 1988 and coined it BLOC Systems. Bloc eyewear started a revolution in eyewear and showed the world that you can get perfection and luxury without spending thousands. The brand is affordable, offers luxury at a nominal rate, and instills the idea that you can buy quality without breaking the bank. 


What are the characteristics of Bloc sunglasses?


With 30 years of experience under their belt, Bloc Sunglasses have very distinct characteristics. For one, their designs and creations are thought out and produced in-house, which means no detail is missed. Secondly, all their eyewear and frames are trendy as the team successfully predicts the changes in sport and street fashion. Lastly, their frames, both prescription and casual ones, are made with recycled material, adding to their vow of sustainability. 


Which lenses for sunglasses should you choose for an active lifestyle?


If you support an active lifestyle, you need your accessories to adapt to your lifestyle, too. It is why your sunglasses should be sporty, durable, and impact-resistant. Moreover, the sunglasses you choose should have 100 percent UV protection. For an active lifestyle, it’s best to choose lenses made from polycarbonate materials. They are lightweight, comfortable, and impact-resistant. You can also opt for polarized lenses, which are ideal for an active lifestyle. 


Is it worth choosing Bloc as a brand of sports glasses?


Yes, if you want an affordable solution for your sports glasses and prescription glasses, Bloc is your brand. Not only are their sunglasses effective and functional, but they are also very inexpensive compared to other luxury brands in the market. Apart from that, you get a vast range of sports glasses with the BLoc eyewear range, and you can also order them online globally.