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Banana Republic Sunglasses

Banana Republic sunglasses are slick and incisive, blending in with the surroundings, but also able to pop when called on. While not immediately attention grabbing, any of these Banana Republic sunglasses can be activated as part of a breathtaking ensemble. If everything else needed for greatness is already there, then Banana Republic is the glue. Trust it to trust you.

Banana Republic sunglasses online

The Banana Republic Morgan/S in almond with purple gradient lenses is a gem in the window – a crystal-like prism activating unknown receptors in the mind's eye. If it has a strong pull, it's only because it just looks so darn nice. In brown, with pink gradient lenses, it's a bit more casual, a bit more brooding.

The Banana Republic Francis/S polarized model is just what you need for those all important moments, where glare tries to interject and enter the mix. Mountains, glaciers, oceans, rivers and brooks – you can rest assured glare will try and join you. With a polarized lens, those rogue beams of light are simply thrown away by an in-built filter. Cool, huh?

Banana Republic Sunglasses Australia

In shiny light gold with green polarized lenses, it's a timeless piece of eyewear – simple, but future proof and well grounded. It just happens to be a complete bonus that it's polarized! But that's Banana Republic in a nutshell. Well grounded, future proof, and just generally helpful.

If you're after something a little quirkier – a little more off the beaten path – you might be interested in giving our Ksubi sunglasses a whirl. Sleek and powerful, they are also incredibly thoughtful in their own way. Pensive, and reflective – not to mention stoic and decisive. Take a look – you might be incredibly glad you did.