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BON CHARGE Sunglasses

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BON CHARGE Sunglasses

BON CHARGE is a relatively new brand, but its work is second to none. They know how to capture their audience with their innovative glasses that are designed to block blue light and give the user a comfortable experience when wearing them. Not only that, but their eyewear collection has a wide range of night-time glasses, computer glasses, daytime glasses, and bio-hacked sunglasses. These people know innovation and how to use it, too. 

BON CHARGE Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

BON CHARGE is a health and wellness brand that is known to design eyewear that isn't only trendy but also good for health. Their glasses are made to block harmful light and give the user the most comfortable experience out of their eyewear. Their frames aren't only trendy but also boast of improving sleep, general well-being, and recovery. 

The world we live in is full of blue light that comes from the artificial light sources we have around us. This means that even at night, our brain gives the signal to reduce melatonin production, resulting in disturbed sleep. BON CHARGE sunglasses are designed with Blue Light Blocking technology that blocks the blue and green light and enhances melatonin production so that we can have the quality sleep we deserve.

Clip-ons or add-ons are totally worth the investment. Firstly, they are super trendy and fashionable. Secondly, with the clip-ons, you don't have to carry two pairs of eyewear in your bag. They are less hassle and highly convenient for someone who wears glasses 24/7. BON CHARGE clip-ons are made to last; they are high-quality and perfect for prescription eyewear. The frame looks natural and fun, and you can wear them for daily and casual use.