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Vivienne Westwood is that rare mix of playful and bashful. Shy and yet oh so beautiful. It only comes out of its shell when you respect it and treat it nicely. When it does come out of its shell, it emerges with a luminescence so great the sun puts on its sunglasses.

Vivienne Westwood Australia

It reflects more than it takes in. It projects more than it leaves out. It is a serious contender, and a worthy challenger. Vivienne Westwood is never to be downtrodden – never to be counted out.

Vivienne Westwood frames

Vivienne Westwood is a pleasure to be seen in – and that's enough to make us proud.

Bebe glasses are just as bashful. Like dried and pressed flowers left forever in a large encyclopaedia, it won't always be easy to coax these into the outside world. But when Bebe glasses to get going, they really get going. They reach for the stars, and in doing so, touch the moon with graceful fingertips.