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Virtual Try-On Glasses

If you are looking for the best glasses online you are in the right place. At VisionDirect you are absolutely spoilt for choice if you are hunting for a new pair of eyewear. On our online store, you will find more than 7000 models from your favourite eyewear designers as well as our exclusive collections. There is almost too much to choose from in our online store. We are the best website from which to purchase high quality and affordable eyewear. Our website is the perfect answer for all your eyewear needs and wishes. On our virtual shelves, you can find a large variety of styles, models and shapes. Whether you are looking for reading glasses online, prescription glasses or even if you just want to discover some new glasses frames online, we have you covered. At VisionDirect you can find designer glasses for less.

Glasses Online Australia


We are extremely happy to offer our Australian customers the incredible opportunity to try on as many glasses as they want using our innovative Virtual Try-On tool. This amazing technology will forever change the way you buy glasses online. Shopping for glasses online has never been easier. On our online store, you can try on the virtual versions of your favourite designer eyewear from leading brands like Balmain, Bottega Veneta and Calvin Klein with complete accuracy. Explore the website and discover more than 7000 different models from more than 150 brands. Find a wide range of colours and styles and choose from clear glasses, cat-eye frames or square glasses for your new pair of eyewear. Buy a new pair of glasses online and refresh your unique personal style. Our wide range of glasses online starts from just $16 because for us, quality and affordability are the most important characteristics in the eyewear world. It is now time to use our amazing filter to discover the perfect frame for your face shape. It does not matter how round, narrow, oval, or heart-shaped your face is, on our website you will find the best frame for you. Use the face shape guide on the website to find the perfect pair of new glasses to enhance your face. At VisionDirect we provide our customers with the best tips to always look cool.

Try Glasses Online


Eyewear fans usually like to try on a new pair of glasses before buying them, yet physical stores can only provide a limited selection of eyewear, whereas online businesses can stock up their shelves with a huge variety of shapes and models. Thanks to our Virtual Try-On tool, you can now try on glasses online with the confidence that the frame you chose is the right fit for you. To try on your favourite glasses online, you just need to have a laptop and a lot of excitement. Your device must have a webcam as well as Adobe Flash version 10 or higher. Make sure you have even lighting on your entire face. Our Virtual Try-On tool works better with natural light so you can sit next to a window to get it. Once you have your camera all set up you just need to pick your favourite online glasses frames and click on the "Selfie View '' icon to record a short self-tape. Centre your head in the circle, and then move it slowly from side to side, following prompts, and of course, do not forget to smile. Once you complete this procedure you will be able to try on our glasses in a matter of seconds! Now that you have all you need, just smile at the camera, and enjoy the best online glasses store in Australia.

Prescription Glasses Online Australia


Now that you have chosen the best frame for your new eyewear, you just need to add your latest prescription online to enjoy your fantastic new glasses. As a leading online eyewear store in over twenty-one countries, deciding to buy designer prescription glasses online from our website is the smartest choice. Our licensed optical dispensers give 100% accuracy and quality for each prescription eyewear lens fitting. Our prescription glasses lenses cover the refractive indexes of 1.50, 1.61, 1.67, or 1.74 for single, bifocal, or progressive vision correction. For any doubts about eyecare and prescriptions, you can have a look at the optical centre on the website or check the ‘Ask the Optician’ section to discover the most popular inquiries from our shoppers. For the latest news on eyewear trends and eyecare, visit our blog


Buy Glasses Online Australia


Now that you have found the perfect glasses to match your style and personality you can proceed to the checkout and wait for your amazing eyewear to be delivered to your doorstep. Before completing your purchase make sure you select the correct type of lenses. You can choose between progressive, distance, reading or non-prescription lenses. Most of our models came with 1.5mm lenses included with the frame, but you also have the option to upgrade to thinner, premium lenses or the deluxe Arise Collective HD lenses as well. Be sure to add coatings like our blue light glasses have if you will use your new glasses while working on the computer. If you have any questions during the buying process you can get in touch with one of our amazing customer service agents using the live chat tool or our online optician service. Ask the agent any question concerning your new glasses, we are proud to offer quick and professional customer service to all our clients.